Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Back and I'm Married!!!


That's all I really have to say right now.

The past two weeks have gone by SO quickly. I can't believe Matt and I have been married for over a week now, almost two weeks even!

The wedding was beautiful!! It looked exactly how I wanted it, our vows were beautiful, the reception was a ton of fun (as you can tell from the above pic) and I can't wait to share pictures with you guys! We should have our pictures back from our photographer pretty soon and I'm so excited to see them.

Our honeymoon was so relaxing, all we did was eat, lay out, drink, swim, eat more, and nap. It was glorious. 

THANK YOU so much to all my guest bloggers, I loved your posts!

THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments, FB/Twitter messages, love and support! It really means a lot to me and made me feel so loved. Blogging has really given me so many friendships and I appreciate all of you and the bonds we've built. I feel like I know so many of you personally and we've never even met in person or talked on the phone, yet your opinions, blogs, and messages have helped me to grow, create, and open my eyes to new things.

THANK YOU to all of my friends and family, Matt and I are so happy together and love sharing our lives with you. The wedding could not have happened without all of your help, last minute errands, shoulders to cry on, your awesome cleaning and crafting skills, etc, or your love. This was such a special time for us and everyone really made it an amazing day for us.

Thank you everyone, we love you very much!

Now, I will be trying to get caught up at home, work, remaining wedding stuff, moving in together, and blogging! Oh and celebrity gossip and TV. Regular posting should start sometime next week :D
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