Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer List Guest Post by Tales of a Horvath Housewife

Hello everyone!! I'm off until I return from my honeymoon. Next guest post is from one of an old friend from Tales of a Horvath Housewife and Eats 'n Reads. Her family is so cute and she is a diva in the kitchen with flair for a great novel!  

Hello! My name is Amanda, and I have a little blog called Tales of a Horvath Housewife. It’s where I share pictures and stories of my kids and life as a mom to 2 little ones. I also have a recipe/book/craft blog over at Eats ‘n Reads! I’m so excited to be guest posting while Miss K is off on her honeymoon!

- Your must have beauty item: Mascara. I can go without almost everything else, but I must have mascara!


- An item you're lusting over this season: A really cute new dress, although I haven’t found the perfect one yet. But something in a bright color or a pretty floral print, like one of these:

- Your favorite trend for spring/summer: Cute wedges. Really, does anything say summer more than a cute pair of wedges?

- What you're looking forward to this summer: Hanging outside in my backyard, under the new patio cover my hubby is currently building! Hello to eating alfresco all summer long!

- Your favorite Hollywood Hot Man: You mean I can only pick one?? Ok then. Paul Wesley, the star of one of my favorite TV shows at the moment, Vampire Diaries

Thanks for posting Amanda! Hope you guys are enjoying the Guests Posts and having a great week!
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