Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend

This weekend was INSANE! So busy and so much fun!

Friday I went to the Glee concert with my friends (check out the post from last year's here) and had such a great time! We sang and danced all night and they put on an awesome show! Compared to last year, they totally stepped it up, the stage was awesome and lit up, the Warblers performed, Heather Morris killed performing Britney Spears, but for whatever reason it did seem like a shorter concert than before. Definitely worth it, anyone going is in for a treat!

Then Saturday, one of my best girlfriends and Bridesmaid graduated with her Masters! I'm so proud of her, she's seriously worked her butt off!


Then on Sunday I went with some friends down to Laguna Beach to celebrate our friend's birthday. It was so beautiful out (but super windy) and it was so great to catch up with friends from college and re-live "summer of '07, '09, etc" (inside joke).

Yesterday the Mr and I took it easy, ran some errands, watched a movie and relaxed before he had to work. Then I headed over to my Aunt's to hang with the family.

Seriously love this kid.

How was everyone's weekend? Did you do anything special? See any good movies?
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