Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer List Guest Post by The Way We Are

Hello beautifuls! I hope you're fancying these guest posts, I'll be back soon, I promise! Please enjoy this post from  Leah at The Way We Are. She is so sweet and has the best eye for home decor. I tell her all the time how I'm going to fly her out to CA to decorate my home. She's also super crafty and has the most adorable little girl with a little boy on the way! Congrats again Leah!

Hello Love Lipstick and Pearls readers! I love Miss K so much she is such a doll and I can't get over how stylish and unbelievably gorgeous she is. I am so happy for your upcoming marriage and am dyeing to see pics, Miss!

My name is Leah and I blog over at The Way We Are. I love blogging about about our little growing family an transforming our place into a stylish home.

- Your must have beauty item: As a curly haired Mama I do very little to my hair do to precious time but what I cannot due without is Loma it keeps my hair from getting too frizzy and it smells A-mazing!


- An item you're lusting over this season: Presently on the top of my lust list is this work lamp from Ikea. I think the industrial look to it will be the perfect touch to my desk area. Not to mention I am in desperate need of some extra lighting in this area.


- Your favorite trend for spring/summer: My favorite trend for this summer is Maxi dresses! I know they are nothing new but as a prego Mama I will be living in them!

- What you're looking forward to this summer: I really looking forward to relaxing in our own backyard this summer! So excited!

- Your favorite Hollywood Hot Man: My hollywood hot man would have to be....

Well I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better and I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon Miss K! Luvs!

Thank you so much for posting Leah! Jakey is my fave hot man too! Swoon!
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