Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Love Story

(The very fist pic we took together)

We're getting married this weekend and I've wrote this post a few weeks ago and had it scheduled to post while we're preparing for the festivities. I wanted to share with my blog friends the story and pictures of the Fiance and I- the pictures are in sequence of when they were taken, but do not go along with the timing of the story. Some of you may already know how we met and got together, but I've never shared it on LLP. So here it is...Once upon a time....

(the very first time we held hands- after a Garth Brooks concert)

We first met in January of 2007 while working at Outback Steakhouse. He had worked there previously but had stopped while in a Fire Academy and came back after his graduation. We were both wearing our red-button down shirts and I was getting a take-out box for a customer and he was refilling a soda when our eyes met and we introduced ourselves. I knew at that exact moment he was special. We hung out that night and stayed up until 4am just talking. Then we hung out the next night and had our first kiss. We did a lot of "hanging out" but it never led anywhere.

(Our first trip together, to Vegas)

Both of us had just been through some rough break-ups a few months prior and we weren't really ready to be in another relationship. Things were pretty casual between us and we both continued to date other people. He was always my #1 and I'd quickly blow off the other guys I was dating whenever he beckoned. I just knew he was the one and I wasn't going to stand in my own way. Then he dated my friend instead. That is my sorority sister. Who was also one of our co-workers. It totally sucked. I cried for weeks. WEEKS! No one could believe it. I was dating so many people (my roomies often referred to them as "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday" and "Saturday" since those were the days I saw them) and didn't believe me when I said I really liked him and not just the chase. Everyone assumed I only liked him because I had to chase him and then would crush his heart once I had him. Only a few of my closest friends knew the truth.

(The night he made it "official" and asked me to be his girlfriend 03/15/08)

So a few months go by, I wouldn't even speak to him even when he would speak directly to me- I'm so mature and I'm sure my silent treatment really taught him a lesson. Then a few more months went by and I got over it and we became friends again, although my heart still ached for him. How I could be so drawn to somebody without really knowing them or ever having dating them is beyond me.  

(First time celebrating our birthdays together)

I graduated from college, lived it up during my "last summer" and then quit working for Outback and started my big girl job. Then out of the blue, a few weeks after my last day the Fiance Myspaced (he's so smooth) me that we should hang out again and he missed me (in a platonic way, not a "I can't get you off my mind" kind of way). I agreed and said we'd call/text each other soon. The following Friday we were both out with friends and texted each other to meet up. We had so much fun that night, we stayed up all night talking and kissing and we've been together ever since. The next week I cut off all ties with all the boys I was casually dating. I had been trying to mend my maneater ways and become a better person. I wanted to fall in love and have an honest, trusting, and loving relationship with someone.

(At his sister's wedding, where he told me he wanted us to have a future together)

That was November of 2007. Our relationship started slow, but it was steady. We talked/texted regularly, we saw each other weekly, and it grew into so much more. Not that it was easy, I was still hurt and didn't have any guys on the backburner in case this one fizzled. I prayed and prayed and just put everything out there. I made it clear to him (at a reasonable time, not right away) that if we weren't exclusive I was walking. We didn't need to be "official", but if he was dating other girls I would be long gone (albeit heartbroken). In March of 2008 he asked me to be his girlfiend while in Vegas for a friend's birthday. I was so so excited, I secretly texted all of my friends in the restroom to share the joy.

(at a friend's wedding)

Since then, we've been happy and in love. We've overcome differences and we're learning to love eachother's imperfections, make compromises and to communicate. He is my one true love. I've never felt so secure in anything in all my life. I've never felt this content or fullfilled. That's how I knew he was the one, not only was he different from other guys I dated, but our relationship was incredible. I'm not saying that it's perfect with sunshine and rainbows day in and day out, but I'm looking forward to growing old with him and continually growing as a person, as a wife, as a mother, and as a companion for all the rest of my days with him.

(celebrating Easter together)

(celebrating my birthday, I did a Party Bus)

(at our first USC Game together)

(camping and dirt bike riding in SD)

(out with our friends)

...And they lived happily ever after!

This is my last week being Miss and on Saturday I'll be a Mrs. I'm so excited for our big day and the years ahead of us together. I'm so thankful to have found a partner in life to share all of life's moments with.

In case you missed it, you can read our engagement story here.
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