Monday, May 23, 2011

OOTD & Weekend Re-Cap

Life has been crazy now that I'm back and a newlywed and I PROMISE you ladies (and gents!) that I will post nearly ALL pictures from the wedding. We should be getting our professional photos back in the next week and then I'll probably devote a full week of posting to the wedding; the details, bridal party pics, getting ready, couple pics, party pics, and then share with you guys the ones I've received from the party goers. I'd just like for you guys to see the pro shots first!

Ok, now I'd like to to a little catching up with you guys.

First Pic:
Nordstrom Blue Draped Top (from this Recent Purchase post)
White tank
Target Mossimo Pencil Skirt

Second Pic:
F21 Yellow Tank and necklace
White tank
AE Shorts (from this Recent Purchase post)

This weekend was so busy! The hubster and I hadn't moved in yet together (see my post about that here) so he left to go on an annual father/son fishing trip his family does every year while I got to catch-up with my girlfriends and get my room ready for him to move in when he returned.

My girlfriends and I wanted to see the movie "Bridesmaids" and met up at The Lazy Dog cafe for dinner beforehand...however it went too late and we missed the movie! The next one started too late for us so we decided to head out to Manhattan Beach for a night on the town. It was awesome and so much fun! We made it to the bar just in time for the rapture...that never happened. Lol. We may or may not have started the 10 second countdown at the bar like it was NYE. I love us.
I'm sad because the DJ wouldn't play Britney Spear's "Til The World Ends" on repeat for me.
Playing "Weekend at Bernie's" with my Grand Big Sis

I'm not sure if I've told you guys yet or not, but the Hubster and I have decided to move into my Mom's home while we save to buy our own place. My sister and I shared a Jack-and-Jill room (two rooms that connect to each other, but only one closet and entryway) and she moved out so Matt and I decided that the rooms would be a good fit for us. My room will be our bedroom and her old room will be a "living" room if you will. I spent the rest of my weekend cleaning and organizing and making room for my love to move his stuff over this week. It was a lot of work and will definitely be a work in progress because I need to do a MAJOR closet clean-out and decide if  really need those old prom dresses, clothes that I'm clinging too, and old odds and ends that I want for prosperity but have absolutely no use for.

Here's a pic of my hard work, here's all of his closet space:

Mind you, the closet is smaller than a dorm room sized one. There's also another side rack that had a small space for him. Like I said, this is definitely a work in progress for us. I made the Hubby promise me that our future home will include a walk-in closet and he's agreed so far. We moved a couch, dresser for the Hubs, and TV over and will bring his smaller items over this week. Then it's purge and store time for us baby!

Let me ask you blog friends, how was your move-in experience with your spouse/boyfriend?
How did you incorporate both of your styles together?
What challenges did you face and how did you solve them?
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