Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Favorite Highlighters

As a self-proclaimed makeup junkie I love anything that shimmers. I'm drawn to it like a fish drawn to a glittery ball of death. Strobing has also become really popular lately, which is just a fancy word for highlighting. Highlighting is a pretty way to bring out your features and much simpler than contouring. I think it also looks more natural than contouring.

My sister is getting married this weekend I went on the hunt for a nice highlighter because that ones I had were too glittery, gold, silver, white, or pink for this special occasion. I'm sure any of them would be fine, but I'm looking for an excuse to buy something new and shiny. I'm heading out to the mall today so I'm hoping to find the perfect highlighter for the special occasion.

 photo best highlighters Blend_zpsf31k9iff.jpg

 Here's what I have and love:

Here are some items I'm dying to try and I included them in the graphic based off their rave reviews and recs from my friends and bloggers. They're also the items I'm hoping to check out today:

I like to use the e.l.f Shimmering Whip, Benefit High Beam, or MAC Pearl first in the areas I want to highlight (after I've done my bronzer and blush) and then take the powder highlighter I'm using and pack that on top. Of course, you don't need to do both, you can use any of the products alone. It just depends on how much of a highlight you're looking to achieve.

 photo 7e0e688381d7b39b02b391f485e2e314_zpszxuteyin.jpg photo e177c1d6-0490-4252-83d5-01f4d25d822a_zpsbdpxglfh.jpg

I found this awesome YouTube tutorial for strobing that's really easy to follow and is a great how-to if you wanna get on trend. The biggest tips I took from the video is to layer your highlighters; use a cream highlighter first and then pack on a powder highlighter on top (such a great tip and super easy!) and a more specific area of the cheek to apply your highlighter to make your cheek bones pop. It's a quick video and was really helpful for me to hone my highlighting skills.

What are your favorite highlighters? Do you like the strobing trend?
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