Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Product Review: Milk Snob Carseat/Nursing Cover

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When pregnant, I came across Milk Snob covers and absolutely was so interested and had to have one for myself. I saw nothing but great reviews and I'm so happy that they offered me one to try myself! I've used it the last few weeks with Emma Brooke and it has absolutely lived up to the hype!

 photo DE4AE76D-3348-4FF8-AD25-1B588CB9F14B_zpsrhxprnfi.jpg photo D319AC8E-FEC8-4CC9-9CF3-8BC6D0DCE270_zpsrfxwqyly.jpg

I love using it while we're out because it keeps the sun out of her eyes, it keeps lookey loo strangers away, and it's easy to use as a nursing cover! The pics above show me using it at a birthday party last weekend and it was perfect and so easy to use. The fabric is extra soft and lightweight and the hole at the top fits perfectly over our car seat and is super simple to use as a nursing cover.

When we're out, I get asked by at least two people about my cover. Everyone is interested, and to be honest, I haven't seen anything like this before Milk Snob. I love when products can serve double duty, less to tote around and makes sure you get all the bangs for your buck. The cover also folds up small and slips inside your purse for storage without any bulk. It's an awesome cover and I 100% recommend it! There's tons of colors and prints (like this gorgeous floral). If you are looking for a great multi-functional cover, head over and add to cart! You won't be disappointed! 
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