Thursday, October 1, 2015

Recent Purchases: Mama and Ellie

Being home on maternity leave means I have way too much time on my hands for shopping. We go to the mall weekly, the grocery store and Target way too many times each week, and my nightly nursing shopping habits have returned. Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on how much I want to demo my house thanks to HGTV. Here are a few things I picked up the last couple of weeks I wanted to share for the Eleanor and I:

 photo 13D2D7EE-1F87-47C3-A873-5E025AB1CFFF_zpspgn7lter.jpg 
Chambray Shift
I picked up this dress for Ellie for when the weather drops a bit. It's has a nice thickness to it making it more fall appropriate and I can't wait for her to wear it with some cute tights or fun printed leggings this year.  I also loved this dress, but they didn't have her size so I'll have to pick it up online.

  photo 140863D4-5E24-47B4-832B-2964752E3F52_zpsegvxzsuf.jpg photo 0639A510-F0D0-4639-84F9-E48EC4EAEC82_zpswzwsxuc9.jpg
  These tees were too cute to pass up and I would love that Home one in my size. She has a pair of black and white striped leggings I think will pair really cute with the Happiness top.

 photo B704A0B3-8713-454B-BF72-464697337FF5_zpsgiehtz66.jpg
Frozen Hat // Polka Dot Jeans
Ellie has been wanting a hat lately and when she saw this she fell in love. She was so excited about it that I had to get it for her. She also needs some new jeans for the season and I love how cute these polka dot ones are.

 photo 976475EA-433D-45DE-A065-019DA61FCA4E_zpsc8r1uue5.jpg
Heart Leopard Dress
How cute is this dress?? It even has pockets! It will be so adorable on it's own, over tights, or with leggings.

 photo F5CF6942-32B8-4479-9994-EBBD47443A25_zpseaxb7sbv.jpg
Kitty Shirt
 LOVE this kitty shirt for Ellie. In the back it has a little open area with a bow detail that's absolutely adorable.

 photo 874C6B57-42F4-4B5C-A83D-B763A261A826_zps12looriw.jpg
Bunny Shirt
We all know my obsession with Alice in Wonderland and this shirt just sings to it. I love the colors, the tea cups, and the bunny. My little bunny just had to have it. 

 photo 0451C440-EB00-4A00-AAD3-7FABF8570F03_zpstkch5chs.jpg
I'm mad for plaid every fall season and this tunic is so cute and I love the cut. It's a bit more "dressy" and will be perfect paired with leggings and boots. I saw this one at Target that I want to go back for, it's super cute.

 photo D51853E4-E76D-44B1-8902-1C3BC2ECF947_zpspzw4frj8.jpg photo 650DF839-9E18-492D-BE41-EF8B9620CA81_zpsufyromac.jpg
I love a good striped tee and would like to find another one that's more fitted and have stripes closer together to also add to my closet. This tee is super soft and is so easy to just toss on to run some errands and was the perfect top for the weekend. One thing I definitely need after my major closet clean out, is some just basic tees for the weekends and this fits the bill.

 photo 88E984BF-5545-4CF6-BDD8-1DE1C9C4772C_zps2iyb249r.jpg
For my sister's wedding, I picked up all these goodies. For my nails/toes I wanted a lighter pink than my usual go-to Essie Fiji and was all out of Ballet Slippers so I picked up a new bottle. Of course, I left it at the salon so I had to go back. I didn't want to have to buy another bottle when I just bought one! Sheesh.

For my lips, I also needed a primer so my lipstick and gloss would stay on. I would be talking all night with everyone and didn't want to have to keep reapplying my lips and this primer was the bomb!! I really like it a lot and gave my lipstick some major staying power!

 I was on the hunt for a new highlighter (did you catch my highlighters post last week?) and really wanted to check out Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator and Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector, but they were sold out of both at the mall! Ugh. I didn't have time to order it online so I snagged NYX Narcissistic and it's amazing. It has a light peach sheen to it that looks fantastic in the sun! I still want both those highlighters, I've heard so much about them from everyone.

Finally, after Meg's post, I picked up this face primer as well. My sister's wedding was outside and it was going to be a hot and humid day and I could just picture my makeup melting right off my face. Since I've only used this once, I can't do a full review, but so far color me impressed. Meg never steers me wrong though! My makeup looked amazing at the end of the night still and I had cried like a freaking baby. I really like the texture and how it feels on my face and once I've used it more I'll definitely be doing a full review! 

What goodies have you seen lately? What are you on the look out for? Any suggestions for my makeup bag or closet? Hope you're all have a fantastic week!

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