Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dining Room Inspo

I've never been a huge HGTV watcher, but since being on leave I have become OBSESSED with the shower Fixer Upper. I love Chip and Joanna, their style is perfection, and I'm amazed at what you can get in Texas vs. California. If we ever move to Waco, I am getting on the show and telling them to just buy me whatever home they like and go to town, sight unseen. I would trust them fully and blindly and know I would just love it.

One room I haven't bothered decorating yet is our dining room. We have a nice sized table with a bench seat that I've grown to dislike. It's just really dark, it has a dark stain top with black legs and the chairs match. We've been wanting to get a new table for some time now, but Ellie makes such a disaster at meal time I would hate to ruin a new table. I want to sand and repaint the table, I just need to find the time to get it done. So, the dining room is on my mind to decorate and start pulling together.

I love a farmhouse look with a bit of glamour and an industrial touch. When you walk into the room, I want a relaxed, simple feeling where people want to stay and linger after each meal as we talk and laugh and build memories in our home.

Here's some of my inspiration pics I've found on Pinterest and from Fixer Upper :

 photo d52f25c6bf1592495952120e05911218_zpsqslfxrbw.jpg photo bd2bac030a6ce40021b2505f88a86e39_zpsyciryd0u.jpg photo ace99637f2de998b29d97acf96cce19f_zps15fzs5id.jpg photo 04cfe50d44b782029f45b0abcbfed8c4_zpseebfrttt.jpg photo 070ac9c7ad5c13a528ac51cc233a3721_zps7gmp9yeq.jpg photo 2667da6ed32e6e1337528ea77beb3669_zpstt3a8l5x.jpg

Some items I want to decorate our dining area is some wooden shelves, a nice clock, some pretty dishes to display, wall decor, and a China buffet. Matt and I have been on the hunt for a buffet for over a year now. I've found two I loved at Home Goods and they were sold within minutes of seeing them and I missed out on them both times! I'm thinking about checking out thrift shops for a dresser and then having it upgraded with some glass or open areas. We're just keeping our eyes peeled for now.

 photo dining Blend_zpsst5apydx.jpg

Clock // Shelving // Topiary // White Pitcher (I bought this and LOVE it!) // Berry Basket

Matt and I have planned out our space and totally have a vision for it, it's just about finding the right pieces for it. Finding the buffet will be the biggest key in pulling the room together, but that will come (one day). I'm ok with having everything else set up and ready and just have the one blank wall waiting to be filled with our wedding China. The items above I love how they add character and color to a space, we can switch them around with the seasons and from the buffet to the shelving, or to be used as a centerpiece. The tiered server is one of my favorites! I can't wait to get my hands on it and set it up with treats and decorations.   

What do you like in a dining room? What are your favorite pieces to pull the room together? Do you have any tips you're willing to share?
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