Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Recent Mommy Outfits

Just to preface this post, I only get dressed when we leave the house. Our week is full of errands, play dates, reading time, and the park and getting pulled together helps me feel accomplished.  It's nothing fancy or groundbreaking, but I always like to see what other people wear on their day to day basis.

 photo DD7F3DFE-9D7A-4AE3-BB9C-36E32CB67D41_zpsjcmfz6kd.jpg
 Tunic // Shorts (old, similar) // Purse // Nails
I wore this for a day of errands and doctor appointments for the girls. Immunizations are no fun and both girls had to get them, I definitely could have used a large slurpee after that appointment, it was tough to get through! In this post, I talked about this plaid tunic I had to go back and snag and I'm so happy I did! It fits really well and will be great to layer once the weather cools (if that ever happens!).

 photo 3A52A6C9-9C22-455B-BD2D-EAA71430A2B4_zpsc9o4elnd.jpg
Top // Skirt (old, similar)
We made it to church for the first time since having Emma and it felt so nice to fit into a pencil skirt! I haven't worn one in months and it's perfect to nurse in since I just have to untuck my shirt. That's one thing that's hard when you're breastfeeding, most dresses won't work. It's so hard to find dresses that button (or have sleeves for that matter). 

 photo 2F90F694-B1EA-4A2A-9FFB-2A972CBC3CD8_zps2ustmtvt.jpg
Striped Tee // Shorts (old, similar here) // Necklace (c/o)

This outfit is worn weekly, it's just so easy to wear. This boyfriend tee is super comfortable and so easy to throw on and head out the door. The necklace is a teether and I'll be doing a full review soon!

 photo 99916131-5890-4930-95EE-515D7BFA4B19_zps5rnhnjvb.jpg
Top // Hat (similar here too)

This hat has been one of my favorites and I'm so glad my aunt talked me into it! I was on the fence about buying it since I can't wear hats to work, but I've worn it a lot so far during my leave. I'm sure it will die down once I'm back to work and only have the weekend to really wear whatever I want (i.e. sweats). 

So that's what I've been wearing during my leave while we're out. Once we get home, I always change into jammie bottoms and a tee. I like to be more comfortable when I'm home and I'm playing with the girls and relaxing. I'm pretty sure nearly every human being in the world does the exact same thing when they get home too. 

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