Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Best Treatment for Diaper Rash

They tell you that each baby is different and it's so true! Emma is calm, loves being passed around from one family member to the next at parties, sleeps a ton, and is really relaxed. A totally different experience from our first baby! Another difference between our girls is Emma's sensitive skin. From the very beginning, she had really sensitive skin and I swear her little perfect cheeks were constantly changing between pink and red. It kind of threw me for a loop because my experience with diaper rash was never a big concern- it always cleared up rather quickly. I've had to learn some new tips and tricks with this little one and I wanted to share my experience like a good mommy blogger!

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1. Change diapers often!
This is kind of a no brainer, but sometimes I would wait until the diaper was full or until she pooped to change her. I think everyone does this, but I'm still kind of embarrassed to put it out here. With Emma, probably for about the first month, we would have to change her diaper really often to keep her rash away. As soon as it started to disappear and we slacked, it would come immediately right back. Since rashes can happen at any diaper wearing age, I would suggest changing diapers anywhere between 2-3 hours, or less if you have an infant. This has been the biggest tip to keeping rashes at bay.

2. Change types or skip the wipes
Sometimes, changing brands or types of wipes can be an easy choice to keep away rashes. During Emma's first few weeks we had to switch ours to ones for sensitive skin. When she had a really bad rash that wouldn't go away, we skipped wipes altogether for a soft towel and water.

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3. Let them go free
When in doubt, air it out! We haven't had to do this with Emma, but one time with Ellie we just let her be naked for a a while on a towel. It was all we could do to get that little sucker of a rash away! It helps to keep their skin from being rubbed or irritated from the diaper and gives them time to air out.

4. Lay it on thick
Another trick I learned is to slather the rash cream on THICK and often. A lot of it gets absorbed or rubbed into the diaper, so you need to really get a nice layer of cream on their sweet little tushie.The cream that's worked best for Emma is Desitin, it goes on really nice and clears up any signs of rash within a few hours or a day or two (depending on the severity). We use their maximum strength version, since it offers the maximum amount of zinc oxide, go big or go home is our motto. When she has a rash, or even the sign of one coming on, we wipe some cream on her at every diaper change.

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What are some of your best rash tips that helped your babies? What worked the best for you?

Today's post is sponsored by DESITIN® cream, but all experiences and opinions are my own!

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