Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Week of OOTDs

I've been trying really hard to take pics of what I'm wearing lately, not that it's amazing, but I love seeing what other women wear and how they style and restyle their wardrobes and pieces. I'm going back to work this week and will be posting more office outfits (lighting/timing permitting in the mornings). I'm absolutely dreading going back to work and leaving my babies. I'm also terrified about getting ready and out the door on time. It can be so hard getting ready and out of the house in a decent amount of time. Mostly because I'm usually getting ready while they're awake and between bouncing Emma and keeping Ellie's hands off my mascara can be quite the time suck. I'm just going to wake up at the crack of dawn and wish for the best.

 photo 7C37FB8D-633D-4522-8219-E9D264087631_zpsvriptwtd.jpg photo CEC5BB43-06EA-41C3-A402-5713F613DD23_zpsydl2i6cq.jpg
Top (Old Navy, old) // Skirt (Target, old, similar here and here)

Another Sunday we made it to church! I've been dying to wear this combo together, but the top is maternity and the skirt is not so I had to wait my whole pregnancy to pair them together. I initially had bought the non-maternity version of this shirt, but I was recently pregnant when I bought it, and I liked the longer hem better on the maternity version. I'll definitely be wearing this all the time.

 photo 8601C442-1978-4F2F-A108-B15A7DBC0412_zpsinjuxdch.jpg photo D4010E0E-665E-45C2-98C3-230943F3FF42_zpsappwvu2r.jpg

This last weekend we went out to a family party and it was the perfect event for this outfit. I had this outfit planned out in my head for a few weeks, but it's been too hot here in CA to wear pants. It's finally started to cool down at nights and I wore this outfit first thing!

 photo 1257A5B8-8370-413A-B52B-AA2FE30BAD8A_zpssqiyjazv.jpg photo 5825A79E-B8F9-443A-A674-1AB1B9396706_zpsinc5umve.jpg
Tunic // Jeans // Ring // Necklace (with this charm and this charm added on)

This tunic is so easy to wear!! I've worn it twice so far and I love just putting it on and heading out the door. The fabric is pretty thick and will be great with leggings and boots when the temps drop.

 photo 74CEAA21-B80F-40E4-B1EB-31A8599CEFEF_zpsgsvmxgby.jpg
Top // Leggings (Target) // Necklace (HM, old, similar here)

On a shopping trip with my girlfriend last week, I picked up this top at Old Navy for $8! It's crazy soft and super comfortable and warm. I wore this outfit for trick or treating, it has a hi low hem and completely covers the bum in the back. I was really surprised with how warm it was, I didn't expect it to be since the fabric is thin. It's perfect for layering and I look forward to wearing it again!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Have a great week!
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