Friday, November 20, 2015

Recent Purchases for my Matching Girls

Growing up as a sister duo, I was forced to wear a ton of matching outfits with my cool little sister. Sometimes it was awesome and other times we both kicked and screamed the entire time and hated that we matched. I'll let you take a guess which happened more often. I think it's a rite of passage to be able to match your children for as long as they will allow you to. I fully plan on letting this vicious cycle continue onto my own munchkins and I can't wait to see them in matching get ups.

 photo 217570BC-2744-46CA-A6CC-2E1F6C42689A_zps6r4tqwcj.jpg

Ellie is obsessed with the "puppy" movie, aka 101 Dalmations, so when I saw these outfits I had to snag them. The black leggings are sparkly and I thought they were just the cutest! How adorable will these look with boots or Mary Janes?

 photo 1C59C24E-47CF-4290-8982-929A3BCE37E2_zpsjjmkhhug.jpg

Again, Ellie is obsessed with dogs right now so I thought this was only fitting. I like that the top is a little heavier and these leggings are also sparkly.

 photo 13F16224-692C-4DB1-A1B7-B161E17E3FF9_zpscskds5nk.jpg

The Christmas holiday is all about matching pajamas and we are all set! It was the only set I could find that had sizes for both girls in the same fabric. I want to get a few more sets, but I love that these have all the holiday feeling while not being outright just for Christmas.

 photo 99A0AE56-7686-4C2B-B2A2-154FB4904AB6_zpskrtwia87.jpg

Another holiday top that's not outright just for Christmas and would look adorbs with the sparkly leggings from the above sets.

The girls also needed some every day clothes for play and day care that I thought I'd include in this post, even though they didn't get matching sets of them.

 photo 0EA43383-5551-481B-AA0C-1444D589A506_zpsuqrbz1h9.jpg

How sweet is this floral print? Carters have several different pieces that are too, too cute with this print (I especially love this set), but Emma really needed some classic long sleeves for the season so I went with this three pack set.

 photo 56E07236-1F02-47A5-9E61-6A5389DE5A48_zpscxrpuz1f.jpg

These jeans are the cutest thing in the entire world on Eleanor. When I brought them home and tried them on her, Matt said she's too young to have real jeans and I needed to return them immediately. I totally agreed, but we kept them anyways and I just love how cute and old she looks in them.

 photo 84AD3F27-ECC6-4CF9-9653-F65FD445BFAD_zpsl973o181.jpg
Top (on clearance, similar here) // Leggings // Dress

On a mommy trip to the mall one night, I couldn't help but immediately "add to cart" when I saw these plaid looks at Old Navy. I thought they would be perfection at Christmas and a way for the girls to match, without being identical (which I actually prefer to dress them). I may have also bought myself a matching top, I'm totally that mom! I like this dress version of it, but it just didn't work for my body type and would be pretty tough to nurse in.

 photo red Blend_zpscxclopub.jpg

Here are some more picks from Carter's that I love! The cable knit is gorgeous in person, but it just doesn't get cool enough here for the girls to wear it. Especially Emma since she's always being held, I thought she'd get too hot in it. I love all the red they have this season, I think it's perfect for the holidays (obviously) and will pair so cute with fun printed tights/leggings, and sparkly shoes and hair accessories. 

What have you been buying your littles? Do you match your kids? Did you grow up matching your siblings? 
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