Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Recent OOTDs

Over here in CA, our weather is all over the place. Today and tomorrow are supposed to get pretty cold, but the rest of the days are freezing in the morning and mid 80s by the afternoon. I have a few sweaters and scarves I've been wanting to wear, but it's just too dang hot! I've been wearing a lot of the same items repeatedly lately. We're also going through some dress code changes at work so I've been dressing pretty boring to stay within the guidelines (no bright colors, long slacks, nylons, it's pretty dated). Hopefully, I'll be able to get some more outfits posted soon, especially some more work ones- I always like to see what people wear to work and get inspiration for the ho hum of the work week.

 photo 5BFEF562-9551-4580-8B36-6CE96DE32364_zpslkszfabo.jpg

I haven’t actually worn this top yet, but I bought it and tried it on at home. I plan on wearing it to Thanksgiving with these jeans and some booties. I spotted it at Target and immediately tossed it in my cart. The jacquard detailing is really pretty and is such a pretty cream color, the sleeves have a darker underside which looks great when you roll them for a more casual look. Target has been killing it in sweaters this season, I saw a ton of really cute ones when I got this one.

 photo 7CDD1469-207F-459A-A9DA-DD66F2747BC3_zpsnxfyjf4i.jpg

I’m so glad I snagged this top a few weeks ago, it’s so easy to wear and washes well. It’s cute for both work and personal life and is great to layer with cardigans and sweaters. When I was pregnant, I had these pants in the maternity version and I bought two more non-maternity pairs for work. I really like them and think they fit true to size, I want to get the navy color as well. I love the ankle length, but we are no longer allowed to wear ankle length pants at work and I’m pretty bummed about it.

 photo 2A844EF0-369B-4817-8E67-0826AD16C861_zps7j7kicvj.jpg

This cardigan is so soft and it's the one from my Closet Clean Out post that I was on the fence about. It's definitely too casual for work, but I'm glad I kept it. These skinnies are super comfortable and soft too, I've thought about distressing them and making some holes, but I'm too scared to do it and ruin them.

 photo E98A4908-FED6-4CC8-8EFF-2EEB3BFDA7EE_zpsrkiclnuy.jpg photo B496112C-243B-4E63-B1F4-516092EAA2B3_zpsrvt0nwgd.jpg

I’m so completely obsessed with this sweater! I’ve been wearing it nearly non-stop, it’s just so comfortable. I wish I had bought it in more colors and I went back to the store and they didn’t have my size left (crying face emoji), so I’m going to order the fig online. If you’re looking for a great pair of leggings, I’d definitely check out White Plum’s, theirs are so soft and comfortable, they are honestly my favorite leggings to date.

 photo C728DDA5-4635-408F-93D2-7803F9E233E4_zpssdprs4ra.jpg

Another repeat, this tulip sleeved top is one of my favorites. Most of the time I’ll tuck it in for work and leave it untucked if I pair it with jeans on the weekend. It’s lovely with a skirt too. I have the top in lime as well and want to get it in black. The tulip sleeves are just so soft and pretty, I love feminine details like that.

Happy Thanksgiving eve! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!
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