Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Beauty Faves and Purchases

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I've found some new beauty products and rediscovered some older ones and wanted to share what I've been using and loving lately. I have something for nearly every part of the face- eyes, lips, nails, face, I have it all covered!

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NYX is quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty brands, they have a ton of products, they're a great price, and they have a ton of dupes for higher end brands. I picked up their Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and I'm loving it for fall. It's a great shade, really neutral, and super easy to wear. I liked it so much, I went back and bought Istanbul too, although I don't think this shade looks as great on it's own, I think it needs a gloss or some balm over it. It's definitely harder to pull off matte lip color with lighter shades (at least in my humble opinion and experience).  I also scooped up their lip liner in Peekaboo Neutral which according to this and this pin is a dupe for MAC's Boldly Bare. I'm absolutely liking this shade, it's so blendable and works great with a number of lipsticks and glosses I have.

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Lorac Skinny Palette from Nordstrom Sale, similar here

This palette is amazing! I've been using it a ton the last 2-3 weeks, nearly everyday and it pairs perfectly with my favorite MAC shadows (All That Glitters, Naked Lunch, and Satin Taupe). I really like that this palette is small enough to carry in my makeup bag and has such versatile shades. I mostly use the far left ones, and only the second one over has shimmer in so I love to use one of my MAC shades in the crease or the middle of my lid. These shadows last all day, have amazing pigment, and I totally have my eye on their Pro Palette next! 

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This concealer has been sitting in my makeup drawer unused for months, months!! I'm not sure why I brought it out because I initially wasn't that impressed with it, but I'm so glad I did. It really helps to cover up and brighten my under eye area a ton. My biggest complaint is that you don't get a whole lot of product like you do with my HG Maybelline Age Rewind, but I think this definitely brightens up the area more. I'm going to do some more comparisons, but I'm happy enough with this concealer to buy it again, but this time I bought a shade lighter (Ivory) since we're heading into the cooler months.

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It may be November, but until this week, we've had blazing heat and I have to keep my makeup from melting off and disappearing. On days where I need my makeup to last all day and into the night, I've been using the primer spray first, then the pore eraser on top and my makeup has lasted like whoa. WHOA! My sister got married at the end of September and it was ridiculously hot and crazy humid and this combo really helped my makeup to stay spackled onto my face.

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Looking for the perfect red polish? Run over and pick up Essie's Shall We Chalet?, it's great for all the upcoming holidays. Red can be such a hard shade to find that works for you (especially lipstick!) and this one is a bright true red without any hint of pink. This is such a fun color and I only had to use one coat (with their gel topper).

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On my first night out without the babies, my girlfriend and I headed to the mall and stopped in at the MAC counter to pick up some lipstick. I really had to hold myself back from buying several, and even took pics of my lipstick stash at home before heading out to remind myself to not go crazy. I'm using "crazy" as a very loose term, I totally bought the girls some Christmas outfits while we were shopping. Anyways, I tested so many lipsticks and kept picking up shades I already freaking owned (which I promptly dug out of my lipstick drawer and put them into my overflowing makeup bag) and then was torn between Syrup and Brave, which I mulled over for way too long. I ended up getting Brave and I'm super happy with it. It's pretty similar to Stockholm above in being a deeper neutral shade that pretty much goes with everything. Brave also goes great with the Peekaboo Neutral liner too!

So that's my recent beauty purchases and favorites lately. I have a few things on my wishlist that I'm going to wait on for Black Friday shopping and Christmas. What are you ladies loving lately? Have you added anything new to your makeup bags that you're loving? Rediscovered a long lost product?
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