Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bumpdate Week 20

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 19 Weeks 6 Days

How far along?  20 weeks today! Can you believe I'm halfway already! These past 20 weeks have flown by, I feel like we were just waiting for that positive test results. These next 20 weeks (give or take of course) I'm sure are going to go by even faster!

Total weight gain: I have a Dr appointment at the end of the month, so I'll know my true weight gain for then. I weighed myself at my in-laws this weekend and I'm up +2.5lbs so I'm happy about that.

Maternity clothes: Not yet, anything I've bought has been pregnancy and post pregnancy friendly so far. Just sizing up in tops and the KLR jeggings I bought fit below the bump, but I haven't bought anything else yet. My sister-in-law gave me some cute stuff that I hope fits, we'll see! She has the shape of a Barbie, so I'm not holding my breath, only crossing my fingers.

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Belly Button in or out?: Still in, but it's getting more shallow each week.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, but I wake up really early, before my alarm goes off. I always have, but I feel like now that I'm pregnant it's worse. I've also had the craziest dreams! Some pretty racy ones too ;)

Best moment this week: Finding out we're having a little baby girl! I'm so thrilled. Of course I'd be happy either way, but I'm elated about a girl. Shopping for a girl is

Also, when I was at the store buying supplies for the gender reveal, the sweetest girl was asking me about the pregnancy and how far along I was. When I told her, she replied "Are you serious? How have you stayed so skinny??" I wanted to kiss the woman! Bless her heart.

Worst moment this week: Can this say most awkward moment? Our ultrasound lady this week was a dud (of which, I'm totally going to call in about her) and she asked me if I ever had a belly button ring (which I haven't) because I have scar tissue by my belly button. Isn't that weird? I've never had a piercing or injury there, so I have no clue why I would have scar tissue. I guess it would just be from birth? No idea. 

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Profile Shot of our little girl

Have you told family and friends: Yes and the gender reveal was this past week! All secrets are out of the bag. Well, except the name. We've told people, but my husband and I haven't decided if we want to put it on social media before the baby is born.

Miss Anything? Nothing this week. The sushi/soft cheese cravings have subsided for the time being. Shopping for non-bump clothes. There's so many cute things that isn't bump friendly. I found the cutest dress that would be perfect for maternity pics and a shower, but by the time those events get here, the dress will be short enough to show everyone where the baby is coming from. 

Movement: It's been determined that all the flutters I've felt the past few weeks are definitely baby's. I love feeling them, it makes me giddy each time. We went to a work event on Tuesday for my husband's work and they had a band there. The baby was moving with the music, but when they played Michael Jackson the baby went nuts! I think we'll have a little dancer on our hands.

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You can see all her toes! At the appointment she was tapping one of her feet

Food cravings: Carbonation! I've been dying for a Sprite, so I had some this past weekend. My husband and I haven't bought soda in forever, but gave in this past week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, and I'm so thankful this pregnancy has been so easy.

Have you started to show yet: Um, yes. I think I'm almost to the point that complete strangers will start asking to touch the bump.

Gender: Team pink baby!

Symptoms: Peeing 24/7. I've been super thirsty, so that makes sense, but even on the days I'm not drinking as much I still have to go all the time. Are you ready to be grossed out? Are you sure? Ok. Constipation. First time throughout this whole pregnancy.

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Ignore the skeletor eyeball shot (my sister said she looks like Voldemort here), 
her little mouth is open and she was gulping!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Thrilled and excited 24/7!

Looking forward to: Registering and shopping for the baby girl. When I say registering, I mean toting my sister-in-law around and picking out the colors. If you've followed me since the wedding planning, you'll remember that I hated registering. After 45 minutes, I'd find a seat and tell the hubs to register for whatever he pleased. So my SIL, who is an awesome mommy of two, will register for me. Of course, I'll have input, but who better to help, than someone who knows what works, what doesn't, what's a waste of money, is just about preference, etc? 
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