Monday, January 14, 2013

Gender Reveal! It's a lil...

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It was D Day on Friday and we were ready! This was the 2nd most exciting part of the pregnancy (the first was waiting for the test results, third was seeing the baby for the first time with the ultrasound) and the day I was looking forward to for weeks! Thank you for all the tips on Facebook, I put them all to use! I had an entire water bottle, drank 32oz of tea/lemonade (caffeine free), then had half of a caffeinated soda (I never drink caffeine so half a soda can is plenty), and had a fun size candy bar. The baby was moving and in perfect position to show us the goods. They were even tapping their little foot to the music in the room!

That week I had made these chalkboards for the announcement and made one for each gender since I wouldn't have the time on Friday before our reveal. We gathered our family at my husband's parents house for dinner and the excitement.

Photobucket My Mother-in-law bought a onesie of each too and we added them to the chalkboards. We were prepared!

 Aren't the onesie's so cute! My hubs and I spotted them at Kohl's a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to know what we were having so we could come back and pick one up. Now we don't need to :)
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Once the votes were in (this was at the beginning, the finally count was Miss: 13 and Man: 6, we took both the boards around the corner and came back with only one...

We are so excited, thrilled, and happy. We've been waiting to start a family and the moment is finally here. Knowing what we're having has only made it more real. We've started calling her "her" and "she" and by her name. It's been a dream come true! 

Again, thank you everyone for all your support and interest. Your comments, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have meant so much to me and I appreciate them greatly. I love the community blogging has given me and the friends I've gained from blogging.Thank you so much!
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