Wednesday, January 2, 2013

InstaLately Link Up 10

Christmas with the hubs

My gift wrap finally done! Every year I think I enjoy wrapping, but then when it comes down to it, I seriously loathe it. I picture myself making gorgeous wrapping and bows, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies and singing carols and it's nothing like that. I blame Martha Stewart. 

I LOVE getting mail addressed like this! Love, love, love it!

This baby could eat nothing but fruit all day everyday

Getting pink packages from Kiki La'Rue is the best. It instantly makes your day!

My nails for the holiday; Sinful Colors black, Essie Luxeffects Set in Stones, and Sephora for OPI Only Gold for Me.
GoJane Boots (old), F21 Jeans/Blouse/Necklace, Target Scarf

Steve Madden Intyce Boots, Nordstrom Colored Denim, F21 Sweater
Since my beloved Costco Salted Caramels will never return, someone suggested these babies to me. They're pretty good. Not nearly as great as Costco's, but will hold me over.

FINALLY saw Les Miserables. I've been waiting for this movie to come out. I die. I loved every minute of it. Especially the minutes with Eddie Redmayne. Swoon.


Danielle said...

i don't even pretend like i like wrapping! ugh..the worst of the worst!

i'm so on the fence about seeing Les Mis. I saw silver linings playbook last week and loved it though!

Jill said...

1 - I love that red lattice/trellis wrapping paper!!! I also love to put on Christmas music while wrapping. I hate when I put a bunch off till the end though....woops.

2 - Tell me about those Kiki LaRue pants. Something tells me they are legging jeans like what I've been looking for?? (maybe?!)

Also those look like cuties oranges. Those things are the best. YUM!

KRISTIN said...

I am dying to see Les Mis! You have the cutest always makes me so jealous.

Perfectly Jenn said...

I love cuties and could eat a whole box a day! Yes please tell about the klr pants more, I'm super curious about them

Thanks for linking up girlie!

eliz said...

I am actually eating cuties right not. I understand about the fruit cravings...a few weeks ago I started craving cantaloupe. I just bought one is obsessed...but at least it is healthy right?

Kristen said...

thanks guys!

They're these pants from Kiki La'Rue

They come in 6 colors I think? They're a thicker knit material, similar to riding pants, and they have pockets and a zipper so totally work friendly!

Chelsea said...

Great pictures! That mail addressed to the two of you and "baby" is just precious. And seriously, your outfits are always the cutest :)