Tuesday, January 22, 2013

busy little bee

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So, as of last Monday, my hubs and I found out we were moving this past Saturday (that's only 4 days notice!). We've been looking for a house for almost a year now and have been renting a room from my parents in the meantime. Now with our baby girl on the way, it was time for us to get out. I'm halfway through my pregnancy, and between now and when Babywatch 2013 starts, we only have one weekend free each month. The hubs and I talked and decided house hunting will have to be put on hold til post-baby and we need to find a place in the next month.

We looked last week at a few places to rent and found an awesome spot close to his parents, with a 6 month lease, with month-month afterwards that totally works with when we want our house hunting to resume. Luckily, with this past weekend being a long one, it was best for us to move out now. So we packed everything up and started settling in. Almost everything is done, but I use the word "almost" loosely.

The hubs and I have both lived on our own before, but kind of took the place of a leaving roommate so we don't have anything substantial of our own. You know, like furniture. LOL. I'm sitting on the floor of a bare living room. We do have a table and chairs so that's nice. Luckily, we got amazing wedding gifts and I feel like I should send out a 2nd thank you to everyone because we're finally getting use them! It felt like Christmas unloading all of them. I didn't realize I had so much cute stuff to pull our home together! Or how many things we're missing. I've been to Target 3 times in two days to get stuff!! I promise to take some home pics one we're more settled.

Want to know the best part? This is the first time we've EVER lived ALONE. We didn't live together before marriage and moved in with family right away. Being together alone is the bomb. Plus, we can decorate however we like, walk around in the nude, have a walk-in closet instead of a dorm sized one to share, and it's much quieter.

I'll probably be a bit quiet this week, I'm also super behind on catching up on everyone's blogs. But before I go, I have a few questions for you all.

1. Are you interested in what I'm looking to buy for baby stuff? I was thinking about doing an Etsy spotlight post about some adorable personalized items I've found.

2. I don't really want to use nails in this apartment since we'll hopefully be here less than a year, but I want to put something on these bare walls. Any nail alternatives out there that works well? Anyone tried these command strips before?

Thanks loves! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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