Monday, January 28, 2013

Etsy Baby Spotlight

I've been going crazy on Etsy looking for cute stuff for our little girl. Here are just some of the cute shops and items I've found so far. I think I'm going to definitely post more of these because if I posted all of them in one post, it would be so long. What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? Please share!

 photo il_570xN404178511_dme6_zps6239b44f.jpg photo il_570xN333846295_zps5cd9fc8c.jpg photo il_570xN392050790_9aai_zpsf30b286b.jpg
I LOVE these personalized elephants from Luna and Bean, they're so cute. You can personalize them with your child's name, choose the fabrics, and also get matching burp cloths from the same shop!

 photo il_570xN391549968_99sn_zps01ddb285.jpg photo il_570xN391716627_9kce_zps97d1ed48.jpg photo il_570xN389542713_8657_zps62aa3c3d.jpg
So I know our little Baby L (that's just the initial of our last name, not a hint!) is most likely going to be bald. I barely had any hair for years so I'm just assuming she'll take after me. Plus, I haven't had any heartburn which I totally believe is a sign of hair, wives tale or not. So, obviously our little lady will need some cute-tootie headbands. Little Bitty Blossom has these adorable ones and I love how simple and chic they are. Perfect for any outfit. I plan on making a few of my own, so I love that you can buy the lace headband and attach bows/flowers to them. Perfect! 

 photo il_570xN343787306_zps6a47c55a.jpg photo il_570xN350338034_zps7bc145ae.jpg photo il_570xN254343191_zps97c03e5a.jpg
I haven't made any decisions on a mobile yet, I'm waiting to choose bedding and such, but these mobiles from Lovely Friend are adorable! I love the colors and sweet themes they have.

 photo il_570xN377140928_lb04_zps4d3f1331.jpg photo il_570xN382501079_k6qj_zps62062440.jpg photo il_570xN376088722_sdvx_zps142f6969.jpg
I also LOVE these cute mobiles, they're so feminine and whimsical. They're from Butterfly Orbs and come in different sizes and are able to choose the colors (both brights and pastels). I think these would be perfect not only as a mobile, but in the corner of a reading nook or above a rocking chair/glider. 

 photo il_570xN333427462_zps9a57b8aa.jpg photo il_570xN287033399_zps3e7f59d3.jpg photo il_570xN287158166_zps165a0430.jpg
Obviously, I'll need a necklace adorned with her name or initials- duh. I love these simple ones from Momentus New York, they'd be great to wear everyday and layer with other jewelry. They also have multiple layered ones, or charms side by side if you need multiple initials/names for children.

For your little ones, children, nieces/nephews, etc. where do you like to shop? 


love jenny xoxo said...

super cute, I love etsy and I'm sure i will love it more with a baby. I love the elephants, my first stuffed animal as a baby was an elephant that played "love me tender" but Elvis and I named it Tender. So I'll definitely have to get one of those - or something similar :)

I can't wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl so I can do stuff like this!
{love jenny xoxo}

Ashley J said...

I have two Etsy shops saved as my favorites for when any of my friends have baby showers and I want cute gifts. Look at LazerBabyVintage for cute clothes and my favorite- SnuggleBugBabyBoutiq!

Anonymous said...

Holy cuteness! I can't take it, I love them all. Especially the sweet personalized elephants & whimsical mobiles! I would also have to get a baby's name necklace as well since I have a gold disc necklace for my husbands name & our wedding date on it.

Great picks Kristen :)


Carolyn said...

These are all absolutely adorable! Seriously! Love them all! :)

Veronika said...

I am so glad you posted this! visit all of these stores now :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Oh my gosh...having a girl would make me shop like a crazy person. All of those items are SO cute and you need one of each. Yes, need! Haha