Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Workout "Routine" + Must-Reads

Question of the month: How often do you work out? What's your preferred method of exercise?

I hate writing this as a declaration of how lazy I am, but I rarely work out. I know I need to and I want to, but I just haven't made it a priority. I do enjoy pilates and cycling. I do pin a ton of workouts I plan on one day doing. I also love the the Jillian Michaels workout videos, she's amazing. Especially these pregnancy ones I've found:

 photo d9d74813dfb24504abda777ef0537542_zpsb6e8cc6d.jpg
Turn on, tune in, tone up!
This workout is deemed the "lazy girl's workout" which is totally up my alley since my above confession...The pin said it's timed for a 30 minute show with commercials.
 photo 25a6b2b84eafdf25e7cc823eaa27e41f_zps0f0447b0.jpg
Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs
Um. Hello, my belly is my weakness. After the baby I want to lost the baby fat + extra. This will be perfect come July (which is when I hope I'll be okay'd to start working out). 
 photo c6bf911a5c7fdbf04ca979ad85282b95_zps10729480.jpg
This workout includes exercises that will help you prepare for deliver (which scares the bejeebus out of me, btw) so I want to start checking it out this weekend so I have plenty of time to get down the routine.

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