Matt and I had our first baby girl, Eleanor in May 2013 and are expecting our second baby girl, Emma in August 2015. Motherhood has been the best journey of my life and I've documented it's high and lows on the blog. Everyday things are changing, the grow up a little every moment and I've done my best to truly seize the day. One quote that has always stuck with me since I became a mom was "The day are long, but the years are short", I try to always remember to take advantage of this time of their childhood- love them lots, shows them tons of affection, hold them a bit tighter and longer each day, and make the moments count.

Below are some of the posts throughout these past years, separated by Pregnancy, Babies, and Parenthood. I'm not a pro, I make mistakes all the time, but have shared what my experience has been so far. I'm sure Baby 2 will throw what I "know" for a loop!

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Eleanor Lynn


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