Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Tried It: Red Lipstick

I've had this picture hung up on my inspiration board for a while and the Fiance has been digging how I look with lipstick on so I was on the hunt for a nice red one. So I used Maybelline's website tool Color Sensational Shade Finder to help find a good shade for myself. Have you ever used their tool before? It's so fun!

You put in your skin tone and if there's a specific shade of lipstick you're looking for; pinks, naturals, plums, reds or pearls and it automatically uploads lipsticks colors for you on the right. You don't have to pick just one shade either but look for all the shades or just a few. Then you choose items that characterize you like a strand of pearls, heels, a flower, glass of wine etc. to further narrow down your colors. I changed my items a few times and then went with the color that came up most often.

 Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - Red Revival
Dun, dun, dun. The winner is Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival.

It's a matte color and I topped it with Victoria Secret Beauty Rush clear lipgloss. Wearing red lipstick is so bold. I literally expected every person I saw comment about it, but naturally only my closest friends had anything to say. It made me feel like a bombshell or at minimum a MAC beauty artist since I wore an all black outfit with it.

The only downside to the red shade is that you have to be so careful applying the color to get it just right because you don't want it to smear and since it's so bold it really shows off the shape of your lips. You also have to reapply it a few times since it does wear off from talking and drinking. I expected it to be a bigger pain in my rear than it was, but I don't know if I could go everyday rocking it since I was so conscious of my lips and whether or not I need to reapply or if it had smeared across my face.

Overall it was such a fun experience. I know that may sound lame because all I did was wear bright lipstick, but it's true! I've only worn bright pinks or nudes before so this was a whole new ball game. It was fun to change up my make-up and not just my eye make-up, which is what I primarily focus on.

For my make-up, I took a few hints from Olivia Wilde's beauty look above and wore a simple shimmery nude color on my lids, black liner all around my eye, a gold highlighter in a C shape on the top of my cheeks and outer eye area and two coats mascara. For my lips I put foundation as a primer for the color, then carefully applied the lipstick straight from the tube. I've read before that a lipbrush is easier to apply color and I tried it that way, but it was more of a pain than just being careful. After it was applied, I blotted a few times and topped it with gloss.

How do you like it? Have you worn red lips before? Have you tried any bright colors?

Monday, November 29, 2010


Here's my OOTD for Thanksgiving. I wore my new Floral Dress from F21 (see my post here) and it was so comfortable!! It also has pockets which I love and didn't realize. They're really deep, but kind of an awkward angle. I wore it with dark brown tights from Target and my SM "Intyce" boots with pearl earring and bracelets and a pearl/gold necklace from F21.

For the holiday we went to the Fiance's parents the night before to visit them while they're camping in SD. It was so cold! We had breakfast with them and  it was delicious! Isn't camping breakfast so much tastier than when you have the exact same items at home? Mmmmm yummy. Then we drove up to spend the day with my family where I stuffed my face.

Did any of you go Black Friday shopping?? The Fiance was such a champ!! He went with me to Kohls at 3AM!! Wow, he really loves me. After Kohls we went back home for some sleep and then I headed out to the mall with my friend D. I found some great stuff and have most of our shopping done, only four or five people left. After we went shopping, I saw Tangled with my Aunt and my cousin's children. It was so cute! I really enjoyed it and would definitely suggest seeing it to any cartoon and Disney lovers.

You'll NEVER guess what I got though!!
It was right by the entrance, last one left...IN MY SIZE and it was sticking out from the rack. It was like a beam of sunshine was shining on it. I couldn't believe my luck and I swiftly picked it up. It fits perfect and I can't wait to wear it!

I hope all of you had a great holiday! What did you do? Where did you go? What did you buy?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beauty Inspiration: Whitney Port

As I've said in previous posts here and there, I never got into The Hills or The City so I don't know much about Whitney Port, but what I do know is that she's likes to switch up her beauty routine. I've been looking through pics and I really love how just a little change of color or a swipe of something can make such a difference in your look.

As a Beauty Inspiration, I thought Whitney would make a perfect example because her make-up looks are relatively low-key and easy to copy.  As for her hair, it's generally the same length and color, just like how a majority of people keep theirs, but also take note how a quick change of parts, different types of curls, or simply a piece clipped back can change your overall look quite easily.

What's your favorite beauty look of Whitney's? Mine would have to be her fresh-faced one with a touch of eye-liner like the third picture in the top row. I'm also really in love with her lipsticks! Such an easy and inexpensive way to step up a beauty look. 

With these new posts of Beauty Inspirations to be sprinkled into the Celebrity Inspirations, I'm still trying to find my "groove" if you will. So any comments, criticisms, questions, or suggestions are openly accepted! Do you like these posts (check out the first one here)? Any suggestions for future Beauty Inspirations? Anything in particular you'd like me to focus on? Please share!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recent Purchases

I'd like to start this post by letting everyone know NOT TO TELL THE FIANCE. I only have less than 175 days left to shop til my heart's content before we move to joint accounts and I'd like to enjoy them. After May 7, 2011 I'll be wearing only what I have bought previously as a Miss instead of a Mrs.

With the cold days approaching, I wanted to add a few items to my wardrobe that I can wear for both fun and for work. By all means, I don't need a lot, but some of my items need replacing or things that I borrow from my sister need to be added to my own closet since she's moved out of our home.

The items that have a number following them are from Forever 21 and since the links don't always take you back to the particular item, I wanted you to have the product code just in case.

Faceted Bead Necklace (1082159981)
I love this gold and black necklace! This is to replace an item I borrow from my sister. She and I have both been on a search to find something similar to her own necklace and I finally found it!

Multi-Chain Rock Necklace(1084380587)
This is another piece to replace a necklace I borrow from my sister. Her piece is much nicer than this and I'm hoping to somehow smuggle it from her or buy it off of her, but I needed my own JIC those plans backfire.

Buffalo Check Snap Woven (2079020637)
I love love love this shirt! I can't wait to wear it with jeans, my liquid leggings, tucked into a skirt, and layer with scarves and jacket. It's so versatile and fits perfectly- loose, but hangs just right. I bought it in a medium.

Floral Shift Dress (2084200245)
This dress is completely out of my comfort zone because I never (rarely) wear or buy prints. IDK why, I always like it on other people and wonder to myself why I never find items like that and instantly love them. This dress looks great with tights and boots and by itself with sandals so it's works for year round. The long sleeves also makes it appropriate for work without having to wear a sweater. I bought a medium.

Juniors Henley Thermal Pajama Top - Polar Bear Print
Juniors Flannel Trees Pajama Pant - White
The holiday season isn't complete without pjs! I found these at Target and bought the thermal matching bottoms, but couldn't find them online. The above bottoms are flannel, but have the same print. I bought both top and bottom in a medium.

Buying Fails:

Faux Fur Cropped Vest (2082117024)
Fur is a huge trend this season and I've seen it everywhere and it every store. I was pretty stoked for this item but I'll be taking it back. The quality is great, the fur is really soft and a great color, but it's just too short on me. It would be perfect if it was an inch or more longer, but it hits me right at the waist and only draws more attention to my middle area instead of elongating it. This vest may work for someone else though who is shorter than I (I'm 5'8") or has rockhard abs. Whichever works for you.

Rib Trimmed Pajama Pants (2081434743)
These pants are so comfortable and I almost want to keep them, but I bought them wanting some lounge pants I could where at home or out wearing a quick errand. They're just too pajama-ish and the crotch area hangs down by my knees.

Lamé Contrast Dress (2083132512)
This dress is only a fail because I thought it was in my shopping bag and it wasn't! I can't believe I missed it! I've had my eye on it for a while and thought it would be perfect for the holidays. Such a bummer and I'm hoping I can find it in stores when I return the above two items.

So ladies, what have you bought recently? Do you have any suggestions or things you bought that I must have? Have you bought any of these items yourself? How did they work for you?

It's All In The Eyes

Tell me ladies, what's your eye beauty routine? Namely, what do you do with your bottom lid and lashes?

Do you go full out eyeliner, eyeshadow on the bottom and mega mascara like these bombshells?

Do you wear liner but no mascara or vice versa like these pretty young things?

Or are you more natural like these beauties?

I tend to switch my look up depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing. Before, I never used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes- just liner or nothing at all, but this year I've started putting mascara on the bottom lashes regardless of whether or not I'm wearing liner. It can kind of be a pain because I have long lashes and the tips will get mascara onto my cheeks and I have to clean it up, but I like the overall look it gives. I feel more "done" when I wear mascara or liner on the bottom. A naked bottom eye can always be appreciated though in my book and I still rock it from time to time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Look At You Taylor Swift All Grown Up

I love when people change up their hair, it's so fun and refreshing and the best part about hair is that it grows back. This weekend Taylor Swift showed us a more mature look with straight hair and BANGS!!

Doesn't she look fabulous?

Now, I don't know if the bangs are really hers or if they're a clip in, but I seriously love the look! She looks beautiful and I would never have guessed bangs would look so great on her.

What's your opinion lovelies?? Should Taylor keep them or ditch them?


Here is a new post for OOTD, I'm thinking I'm going to do these more regularly and with just a few outfits instead of so many at one time. Any thoughts?

This is me interpreting my girl crush Amber Lancaster's awesome wardrobe.
Target white tank, Go Jane tulip skirt, Forever 21 gold necklaces

I saw this pic of Elle Macpherson in my People Style Watch and just knew it would be the perfect way to wear my liquid leggings!
Forever 21 Liquid Leggings, Target Tank, Scarf and Ballet Flats, Nordstrom BP Cardigan
So Kim's scarf has orange in it to match her orange Birken, but mine has green so I accented that with a green Coach purse.
Forever 21 Sweater, two pairs of Target leggings (for warmth and so they're not see-through) and scarf, OTK boots from Go Jane.

Outfit 1: Target Beatles T-shirt & Pencil Skirt, Tahari Wedge, gold chain necklace
Outfit 2: F21 White Tee, Red Target Scarf, F21 Belt, AE Skinny Jeans, Nordstrom BP Flats
Outfit 3: F21 Ruffle shirt, Target belt, F21 Liquid Leggings, Tahari wedges

Outfit 1: Target lace top, black undershirt, JBrand skinny jeans
Outfit 2: Old Navy long sleeve, Target pleated skirt, tights, F21 OTK socks, GoJane wedges
Outfit 3: Target men's thermal, white undershirt, Nordstrom belt, JBrand skinny jeans, SM Intyce boots

These outfits at the end I've been taking myself with my camera resting on my dresser using a timer so that's why they're kind of blurry. I'm working on my camera skills though. These pictures are killing me...and they're not very flattering.