Thursday, October 29, 2009

Watch Your Back Taylor Swift!

I'm just waiting until he's legal, don't get cotmfortable!

How Do You Feel About Your Body?

Luckily for me, my mother always told me growing up to be proud of my body, to be happy that I'm healthy, and that God gave me a beautiful body so I have never been very self-conscious. However, since graduating college I find that I must snack at work to stay awake and being in a relationship I have gained what people keep telling me is "happy" weight. Well, I'd be a lot more happy with a flat stomach! It's the only thing I would ever change about my body and I have grown more and more insecure about it. I talked to a trainer about it before and asked if it was even a possibility with my body shape and he asked me if I had always had belly flab, yes even at my thinnest. He told me I could have a flat stomach if I worked out 5 days a week and measured everything I ate. Ummmm no thank you, can I just get it smaller?

I read the article "Oh Wow. These Bodies Are Beautiful" in Glamour and it has restored my confidence and after seeing the pictures I fell in love with my body again. It's a second article that was written after an article in the September issue with the 2nd photo's model Lizzie Miller. The photos featured these beautiful women au natural and their bodies look just like mine- healthy and some rolls of "love" that appear when I'm not leaning back and sucking it in with all my might. They're gorgeous and their real. The picture of Lizzie really popped out at me, she was so gorgeous. Then I read the article and teared up. Being a woman is loving your body and taking care of it- not eating only 500 calories a day and devoting all your free time to the gym. That free time should be for continuing your education, laughing with your friends, and loving the ones you love. Yes, you should work out, but not be a slave to it.

If every woman in magazines looked like the women above, how would it make you feel?

You can read the articles here and here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Really Julianne? Really?

I don't even know what this is....Julianne could make anything look great. She has a body I would die for, gorgeous hair, and a beautiful face. You're even one of my beauty inspirations. This is what she wore to the "This Is It" premiere and I'm going to just believe that she got dressed in the dark. She has too many looks going on here. Sending my love and a lightbulb to you J!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These Ladies Look Fly

Cut-outs are going to be huge this fall and we've seen them all over the red carpet and runways. Cut-outs are a great way to show a little bit of skin without overdoing it- plus, you can spotlight your best areas! Just remember to buy it so that it fits, the openings will draw enough attention on it's own, we don't need our flesh busting out of them. Pair cut-outs with minimal jewelry (think big earrings, bracelets) and some killer shoes and handbags. Here are some of my favorite looks:

Dear Taylor Momsen,

You have started to "clean it up". Snaps to you! Keep up the good work!
I love how you look glamorous and rock and roll with the smoky eyes, dark nail polish and fishnets. Kudos!

Miss K

Frivolous Question

Bubbles Pictures, Images and Photos
If you could have any job for one day/week/year, what would it be? It has to be something completely frivolous- no saving the planet/people/animals, just an occupation that is fun. Of course, you would magically have the skill/talent/body/whatever to do the job to perfection.
Here are mine:
  • Go-go dancer in some hot spot club (how fun would it be to just dance all night and get paid?)
  • Morning news anchor (I would kill to be Regis & Miss K)
  • Ben & Jerry taste tester
  • Stylist to Gossip Girl or SATC
  • Victoria Secret Model for their annual December show (Dec. 1st this year everyone!)
  • Food/Movie critic
  • Singer (performing and shaking my thang a la Beyonce would be incredible)
  • Advice columnist

I had more earlier this morning on my 1.5 hr drive to work where I "live the American dream"...ahem. What are your ideas?

Friday, October 16, 2009

MAC Gets Me Everytime

MAC's new holiday collection Magic, Mirth, and Mischief is out! It debuted yesterday, I pre-ordered some items and then had to get more. I successfully didn't buy nearly the whole collection when I pre-ordered, but somehow I got sucked in. I must be a beauty woman's dream; I love the beauty of all the colors, I somehow "need" this new lipstick because it's 1/2 shade different then all the 24 other pink lipsticks I have, I oooh and aaah at every new product- it's ridiculous.
Here's what I bought and my review:
MAC Eyeshadow Palette in Smoke & Mirrors
This is a great palette of gray/brown/mauve that are great for both day and night. I already received 2 compliments today on my eyeshadow- I think this might be my new everyday shadow with the dark black/brown taking me from day to night. You'll have to use your own brush because the one included is ridiculously small though. Overall A+.
MAC Lip Bag in Put A Spell On You Pink
Props for the super cute bag! As you know, I deemed the Dazzleglass life changing, this one is a nudish pink, and the lipstick is a pretty sheer pink with a gorgeous sheen- good by itself, great with the gloss. Plus you get a coordinating lipliner- how could I resist?
Finally, the MAC Face Kit in Fab-racadabra.
This is the perfect all in one; a golden bronzer, shimmer blush (one I think I already have though), and an iridescent highlighter.
For anyone makeup challenged this collection is for you. The best part about palettes is that they are already coordinated so you don't have to worry about picking colors that blend or are for your skin tone. The eye palette has 4 to choose from, lipstick has 2, and the face kit has 2 as well (there is also a lip palette, lash kit, 3 brush sets, along with nail polish, glitter pencil liners, and eye shadows duos. Another plus with palettes is that they're easier to carry around than a dozen pieces.
Have you checked out the collection? What's your favorite makeup? You can see the whole collection here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do or Don't?

Now that it's fall, I'll be busting out my boots. This is the one of the things I look forward to the most about the rainy/snowy/extremely cold season. Last year, my roomie K and I were boot whores so I really have enough boots to get me through this season...rationally anyways. My must have though for this fall? Knee (or thigh) high boots! All of my boots at least go to just below my knee because A) I have long legs and B) mid-calf heighth really doesn't cut it on anyone.....anyone (so don't buy them!). This season, knee-thigh are the in thing.
I remember when I was young my mother had gray and black pairs and I thought they were the bomb. She was smoking when she wore them and I thought she was just the hottest. I loved trying them on too, even though my legs weren't long enough and wanting to be old enough to have my own pair.
Seen here on these lovely ladies, boots are a great to pair with short dresses, whether summer or winter. Boots are wonderful for taking your summer items into fall with a fabulous pair and a cute belt or jacket. Penelope definitely ups her otherwise casual outfit with her gorgeous pair, and Chlo takes her out for the evening.
What do you think of this boot trend? Will you buy a pair?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On A Roll

Photobucket Once again, Malin Akerman is wearing my signature color, and this girl is looking gorgeous! I love her lipstick, it goes beautifully with her skin tone and dress- it's just a few shades darker than a usual nude color. Her hair is gorgeous and her statement necklace is so versatile, it would look just as chic with jeans.

Let's Discuss

Photobucket Fergie is always dressing like a rockstar, she wears beautiful and often quirky outfits. She would never be caught dead in something boring. I'm loving her top, it's a great wear to wear this fall's cutout trend, the jeans are super fun with the leopard print that's pretty low key, however... her nails are pointy which from the comments from this post is a don't and her jeans are tucked into her shoes. I was onboard until I saw this. I could even get past the nails. I really hope this is not going to be big this fall. If this was my dilemma, i would have tucked my jeans into themselves to kind of hem them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Look I'm Going To Rock ASAP

Things to complete look:
Leather jacket: check
Skinny belt: check
S&M shoes: check
Drapey white dress: semi- check.
I have a white tube dress that I think could work, but I'll have to try it all on first. My other white dresses are too summery and since it's fall that will not fly! Hmm.... I'll have to check out my other dresses. Note to self: I need more dresses that are loose and drapey.

I'm Obsessed (Again)

I love everything about Kristen Bell's look, her hair/makeup/dress were are all gorgeous! Her hair is a little ice skaterish- but I'd totally rock it. I think I'm going to try her hair out soon (I'll post pics when I do). What do you think?
I'm also dying over Malin Akerman (she's also from 27 Dresses) outfit as well. We all know how i feel about yellow. Her dress is so sweet with the soft yellow sexy top and light pink draped skirt, plus her nude shoes make her legs look so sleek and long.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No New Clothes for a Year!

Can you believe this, Kelly from Kel's Closet isn't going to buy any clothes including shoes and accessories (she has 3 exceptions) for an entire year! Instead, she's going to wear nearly everything she owns and not wear the same outfit twice. Wow. This girl is tough... and creative. You can read her interview with Glamour's STF here and check out her blog here. She is so fresh and inspiring, maybe I'll do the same! Eeeeeeh, maybe for just a month. Are you like her? Is there something you always buy, with every paycheck, no matter how much money you have? Kudos to Kelly and I'll be following you on your journey.

Best Wasted 15 Minutes

I'd like to introduce you to I'm sure you may have received some emails already, but the site is ridiculous! There is also a Wal-Mart Bingo game, but it wouldn't let me copy & paste, save it to my comp, or change the format. It includes; child w/o shoes, entire family wearing NASCAR attire, and bearded woman.
Here are my favorite pictures so far:

Hot Man Parade

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Gasp! Someone is Shopping Taylor's Closet?

Hmmmm... I think this dress overall is just a don't. Maybe belt it? IDK, I think it's a loss.

My Sunday Night Love

Every Sunday, my BF and I get together with his family and we all watch The Amazing Race . If you haven't watched it- then my friend, you are missing out! Last season was the first season I watched and after seeing a few shows, I thought to myself "Why didn't I ever watch it before???? This is incredible!" It's the only show that is unbiased- anyone can be on it! You see people from all over America, from different backgrounds, jobs, class, etc. Each team is made up of two people and it's so interesting to see the dynamics of them because some are friends, lovers, ex's, coworkers, family, whatever. They travel all over the world and compete in tasks that are related to the country or culture of the place they're in. The game is also about luck because a team could have a bad taxi driver, get wrong directions, or something they thought would be simple will be much harder than they imagined. This show has to be one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen on television. I suggest you check it out! You can meet the teams here and here.
So far I'm rooting for The Harlem Globe Trotters Herb & Nathanial, brothers Sam & Dan, and couple Meghan & Cheyne and I'm hoping that the poker players Maria & Tiffany get booted soon.