Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Fast Facts

1. I'm originally from Utah.
Yes, it's all true. I love and miss it though!
2. I'm a retired man-eater.
I dated just about everyone, or at least kissed them. Then, I met someone who made me want to hang up my slutty shoes. You'll have to read my posts for the juicy gossip, both past and present.
3. I'm a sorority girl.
So much so that I even won my sorority's award for being Most Stereotypical. It was a proud day.
4. I love to eat.
Mexican especially, but I do not shy away from red meat, fresh fruit, anything deep-fried (which is one of the main reasons I enjoy the state fair as much as I do), or anything chewy and sugary.
5. My favorite color is yellow,

It just makes me happy.
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