Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poor (Beauty) Decision

So for my quarter century bday I've been spray tanning all week at home and have been trying to defend myself against orange blotches and streaks.

I've sprayed in circles and rubbed in the spray all over my body while immediately rinsing my hands afterwards. There were a couple of times that I was a little more tan (orange) in some parts of my body, but I was able to scrub them away with a wash rag.

The big day comes and I want a nice shimmer glow so I mixed my Mac Bronzer Loose Powder with lotion in 50/50 amounts and rub it on my arms, legs, chest, and upper back.

I look awesome!!
Until I go outside in the always too truthful sun where my DIY bronzer is streaked EVERYWHERE!!! So embarrassing, luckily I was going to a dark bar where the drinks flow abundantly. However, be this a formal event, I would have high-tailed it back in side and added more lotion to blend.

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