Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What are you looking forward this summer?

At this time of year, I often question why I ever made the decision to become a big kid (oh yeah, because I graduated college and could not serve another plate of food to a customer before ripping of their head, not to mention health insurance and paid vacation days). Before my summers were spent laying by the pool listening to the best of Journey with a nice cold beer in my hand, going to Vegas nearly every weekend, and barbecuing in the backyard until the wee hours of morning.
Now I have only so many vacation days a year, so I must use them wisely.

Here's what I'm looking forward to this summer:

1. A bachelorette trip to Vegas with nearly all of my crazy girlfriends- hopefully I return with my liver, dignity, and some really great stories.

2. Several family BBQs- my aunt has a great party house w/pool tables, an amazing pool, backyard BBQ, a fire pit, and a trampoline. I love our family gatherings, I'm blessed with some really great relatives.

3. My sister's graduation- I get to see my family from Utah and finally go and visit her in Santa Barbara.

4. My BFF from grade school is coming to visit from Utah and bringing her husband and adorable children with her- Woohoo to beach trip and Disneyland!!

What about you darlings??
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