Friday, August 29, 2014

Old Navy Work Wish List

In a previous post I talked about how I'm sick of my clothes right now, I feel like I wear the same thing all the time and that everything looks the same. I'm just stuck in a rut, but I don't want to go and buy a bunch of clothes I can only wear on the weekends or to work. I mentioned that Old Navy has a ton of great stuff right now and wanted to share my wishlist with you. If I'm honest, my shopping bag for Old Navy has 26 items, but I included only the items that would be work appropriate (unlike the Fabulous t-shirt or Wide Brim hat). I did order two items online last week that's included in today's post so I'm excited for them to come in. They're more for fall though, so I won't be wearing them anytime soon. Fall, ugh. Does anyone else feel like summer just came and went as fast as a weekend?

Everything is on sale right now too at Old Navy, up to 50% off! I ordered a few more items yesterday, so if you have your eye on something get it now!

 photo ON1Blend_zps64b20b6f.jpg

Quilted Jersey Dresses- A dress with sleeves! Yay! I also love the quilted detail, this dress will be adorbs with tights and boots.
Ponte-Knit Circle Skirts- I love this skirt! It's fun and super cute. I just wonder about the length? I'd want to try this on in person, before purchasing. It does come in tall, so maybe I'll order it online after trying on in-store.
Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Dresses- I have this dress in black and wear it weekly. The material is awesome, doesn't wrinkle, has a bit of a thickness, and is easy to layer. This dress has a detailed material that's gorgeous.
Jersey Pencil Skirts- I love this bright blue color, it will be a great skirt to wear year round. Grays/blacks/emerald for fall and bright green/yellow in summer.

 photo ON2Blend_zps92550cb8.jpg

Sleeveless Shirt- I have a similar shirt from ON already, but it has to be ironed so I rarely wear it (plus it wrinkles like crazy), but this is rayon so no ironing! Woohoo! I love this color, it's beautiful! I plan on picking it up with some Old Navy cash I earned.
Satin Boho Tops- Another easy top to throw on and go. The color is so vibrant and would be cute paired with a colored statement necklace.
Marled Crew-Neck Sweaters- I added and ordered this top immediately. I love the marled look and I'm sure I'll be wearing this all of the fall and winter season.
Felt Smoking Flats- I've always liked the smoking loafer look, but never purchased any myself. I like the look of this flat's color and material.

 photo ON3Blend_zps3d0438ec.jpg
Shawl-Collar Open-Front Cardi- This is another item I ordered, it's shawl-collar makes it a bit more casual, but paired with the right top and accessories it will be great with slacks. I love the blush color and it will be super cute with some skinnies and booties on the weekend.
Lightweight Cardis- I already have this cardigan in gray and wear it weekly, I definitely want to add some more colors to my closet and this navy and wine color are gorgeous and easy to pair with sleeveless tops and dresses.

What are some of your favorite work to weekend items? Where do you like to shop for work?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby Must Haves- Reviewing the Year

These last few weeks I’ve been thinking about my monthly Baby Must Haves and which products I shared that have really lasted the test of time. The idea first popped into my head to check back through the posts when I was nursing Ellie using our Boppy and then again when we cleaned out our garage and are storing some of the baby items for Baby #2 (whenever that happens).

Overall, I think my monthly must-haves were pretty accurate for that month and the items featured. I wanted to do a blog post on items that we have really used a lot, focusing on items that I used for several months and would consider as Baby Holy Grail items for our family. There are only a few items that didn’t stand the test of time and we only used them for a very short period. I’ll go over them in detail and why I feel like they’re just ok in a future post since this one is so long. I'm leaving out toys for now, those change so frequently, there are definitely some stand outs and I may do a future post on those too. Would you be interested?
 photo 1YearMustHaveBlend_zps5d952523.jpg

Backpack Diaper Bag: We’ve used a backpack for Ellie since the beginning. A few people made comments to me about being such a “fashionista” that they were surprised that I would be using a backpack instead of some trendy bag, but I prefer to have my hands free. Plus, the pockets and extra storage is nice to have and it’s easy to switch between Matt and myself without having to either keep two bags stocked or switching items back and forth. Ok, so this wasn't featured in any of my must have posts, but I don't know why! I can't believe I've left it out and had to include it in this post!

Glider: We didn’t get a glider for several months, we were using an old school rocking chair and I think that is one of my biggest regrets. Get yourself a glider! They are so much nicer to sit and rock your child. We still use ours with Ellie, and I really wish we had bought one to start. I just didn’t think it would make that big of a difference for us. Looking back to when we were first home and I had to sleep on the couch sitting up for the first few nights, if we had a glider, my nights would have been 100% better. Get one from the start! This is another item I didn't post about in my must haves, but it is definitely a must have!

Boppy: I swear by my boppy! I used it from day one, it makes nursing so much easier for me. I have used a pillow as well, but prefer the boppy. Definitely take it with you to the hospital! It puts everyone at ease to hold such a little one in their arms. Originally posted in my very first monthly must have.

The First Years Sound Machine: This is another item we use everyday for naps and bedtime. Ellie doesn't need it to go to sleep (which is great!), but it blocks out the noise while we're doing stuff around the house. She knows it's time to sleep when the noise goes on. It's also the only night light in her room, it's a soft blue calming light. It's not very strong so it leaves her room pretty dark. It's also from the first monthly must have!

Thirty One Tote Bag: This was a gift from my baby shower and was also included in our 3 Month Must Haves, and we use it every single day! It’s the bag I use to prepare for daycare, food/extra outfit/toy/etc. We also use in conjunction with our diaper if we’re going somewhere and need extra storage. I also use it for church to carry a few items for Ellie. It’s nice that it’s a tote and has easy access to get into and the extra pockets on the side are convenient to hold my phone, extra pacis, and sippy cup. During the week when I tell Ellie that we’re ready to go, she gets her bag and tries to carry it herself, it’s the cutest thing! I need to get a picture of her doing it.

Taggies Tag 'n Go Cart Cover: This was from our 6 Month post, and we still use it! It's nice to have something covering the carts when we go out, especially when there's some sickness going around. We don't use it every single time, but 2/3 of our trips for sure. It's a great baby shower gift!

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer: This was a gift from above! We used this so much and we're hanging on to it for the next baby! Featured in our 4 Month Must Haves, Ellie was very particular about what she was snuggled in and this was one of the few items she liked. It's on sale right now too!

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier: Also included in the 3 Month post, I love this carrier and will still use it on my hip to carry Ellie. It's in great condition after all the washes and times we've used it. This would also be a great gift for a mommy to be. It's super easy to use and the best carrier we tried.

OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick: This is an absolute must-have! It's been 15 months of uh-ohs and I don't have a SINGLE article of clothing with a stain. This stuff is the bomb. It gets out everything and has never bothered our little girl's skin. Included in our 2 Month Must Haves.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing: A swing is a need in baby days. I've also heard great things about the Momaroo, but have never tried it myself. This is the swing that we have and enjoyed, but I think most swings will get the job done. Included in our 2 Month Must Haves.

Muslin Blankets: The word on the street is right, muslin blankets are the best! They're big, soft, and great for use year-round. We have several from different brands, but my favorite are these from Carter's. We still keep one in the diaper bag, it's great to cover her when she's sleeping, to put on the floor when she's playing, etc. My 2 Month Must Haves, was on point since these last three items are from that post!

What are some of your Mommy Holy Grail items? Am I missing something from my list? Did these items work for you? If not, what and why not? I love hearing what items are must haves from other mommies!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Product Review: Jamberry Nails

 photo 1902801_681782825247304_8453950042056964635_n_zps817a3a67.jpg

My cousin Desiree and I have shared some beauty and mommy secrets and tips over the years. Try this lipstick, this is when you should size up in diapers, there’s a sale at so-and-so you have to check out, etc. We both just had baby girls last May and we have so much fun talking about parenting and sharing stories. When I went back to Utah in March to visit, we had a blast together and watching the kids play. I wish we lived closer and could see each other more often, it’s always so much fun getting together.
 photo 10612617_686437248115195_8761991936405768505_n_zps9a374847.jpg

One thing she turned me onto was Jamberry Nails. Knowing I’m such a nail polish fanatic, she knew I would love this nail product and she was right! I kept seeing all of her fun nails posted on her Instagram and her Facebook page and when I told her how I never have time for my nails with Ellie she told me how since there’s no drying time, I could stop and start the application as needed to attend to her. I thought that was pretty cool and she sent me a sheet to try for myself.
 photo AA91F86D-0038-4B04-B30E-114553B152A7_zps1t3cyxds.jpg
Each Jamberry sheet comes with 18 stickers in varying sizes and are long enough that you can cut the strips in half and use them again for another application (2-3 applications total depending on your nail length/width). Above is a guide on how to get the most out of each sheet. They offer a variety of colors, themes, sorority symbols, and now even have Mommy & Me for your little ones to get in on the action. The products are vegan-free so you don’t worry about damaging your nails.
 photo E90C10BD-F1C2-46A4-ABE0-3BFCE8572825_zpsq9sacvso.jpg

The tools needed are pretty simple- rubbing alcohol, a nail file, some manicure scissors, a cuticle pusher, and a blow dryer. Easy peasy, I have all of that stuff already! I received my Jamberry Nails quickly in the mail with a note of instruction and some supplies. When Ellie was distracted and sleeping I got to work. She did need my attention mid-application and I was able to help her midway through and then resume which was pretty cool.
 photo DF151FAC-F538-4DD3-A3A6-8D21C9BE427A_zpskuggvmhy.jpg

The application is easy, but I think there’s a bit of a learning curve. The first hand I started with looks a little janky, but my second hand looks great! LOL. I think just getting used to the product application and knowing your nails is key to a perfect application. I also didn’t spend a lot of time making each nail perfect. I think it will be much easier when I use the same nail sheet for my toes since I’ll have both hands available and can be more precise.
 photo FN08_zps17c7586a.jpg photo A476_zps9c3e7b5a.jpg photo A158_zps8dd28678.jpg
A few of my favorite picks

Would I use them again?
Yes. I will probably buy them to try again. I think they will be perfect for my toes or as an accent nail for a manicure. I probably will buy them again because they are somewhat addicting now that I've tried them.

Do they last?
They are supposed to last about 2 weeks on your fingers and 4 weeks on your toes, but I peeled mine off because I’m a habitual nail polish peeler/picker. Again, this is why I think I’ll use them more for my toes in the future. My cousin and friends have posted tons of pictures online of before/after weeks of wear and they definitely last that timeframe.

Are they easy to apply?
Yes and no. Getting used to the application (which is easy after your first run) and knowing what sizes work best for your nails will make the application go quickly and smoothly.

$15 and if you buy three you get one free!

Would I recommend them?
Absolutely! It’s fun to try something different and they have hundreds of prints, styles, and finishes to choose from. There is seriously something for everyone!

All Jamberry products are available online (including a new laquers that match their wraps!), you can host a party at home or online, and become a consultant yourself as well!

Have you tried Jamberry Nails yet? Any tips? What's your favorite print?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

House to Home: Our Playroom Reveal

One of the things I was most excited about with our new house is the open loft that we would use as a playroom (and later a homework/TV room for when the kids get older). A few months ago, I did a playroom inspiration post (check it out here!) and we've finally made enough headway on the room to share it. I wouldn't say that it's finished yet, but I'm happy with the direction it's taken.

I've been going back and forth about what colors I wanted to use, how I wanted to decorate it, what would make the most sense for Ellie to get the most use out of the room, etc. I've finally landed on a color scheme of navy, pink, white, and gold. I may also add in some aqua as well. Right now, the theme may not jump out at you, but we have some projects in mind to bring out more navy/aqua. We want to add a TV in the upper corner, add blinds and a valence to the windows, get a new lamp and couch, and get a table/chairs for Ellie as well. Since you can see the room from the front entrance, I didn't want to have too much color or anything that would be distracting from the overall feel of our home.

 photo 9de409c5-d718-4598-a7ca-7846a4e9daf5_zps5246763d.jpg photo 1E6B3321-822F-484D-9309-3B4AA1E62734_zpsvvwm5mwy.jpg photo aadb1124-9652-41c0-8b18-8601ca697bc0_zpsd7108662.jpg photo 9cab7a6e-7bc2-41c5-abc8-ddd2afe19a61_zps65075133.jpg photo A8E53CAC-F50E-462C-92FB-4DA7355B91A3_zpsmiy5qy0q.jpg photo 1E6B3321-822F-484D-9309-3B4AA1E62734_zpsvvwm5mwy.jpg photo 8a6e3d37-a5d2-4768-8896-b5386b0353ed_zpsf0be83c9.jpg photo 989583B1-A297-42AD-AAE2-74E6D9FA7CFC_zpsfvnpi1ze.jpg photo c09c7ffa-1cf4-4e99-8913-f28b695961e0_zpsa70b9304.jpg photo 82DCF810-D3B2-408B-8285-BAD98B5C7E3A_zpsr1kftj6w.jpg photo 1AD6262B-5E12-4DC3-8D62-2CDD7C449599_zpswxkiprwz.jpg photo D8B9F13A-607E-4D33-8F50-B23125BD4492_zpsegjxonef.jpg

Book Shelves
Eat You Up Canvas
Princess Tent
Alphabet Letters via Very Jane
Baskets from Home Goods and Target
Pom Pom Blanket
Tassle Garland made by me for Ellie's birthday using this tutorial
Growth Ruler
Chalkboard (from our wedding!)

I love this space so far, it's been so nice to have a place to keep all of Ellie's toys. Of course, there's toys that have spilled over into our kitchen and living room. This book shelf is great too, it holds so much and we're constantly changing it around so Ellie can play with different toys every few weeks. It makes them like new, LOL!

What's your favorite part of your playroom? What do your kids love best?

Monday, August 25, 2014

How We Spent Our Vacation

This past week I was on vacation and will have to return back to the grind today. It was so nice to have a few days off together. We originally planned to travel up north to Washington to see family, but Matt and I both still had to work a few days during the week. I had a few meetings to attend, so I couldn't really go anywhere too far. We're hoping to travel up there next year and visit some family and visit the tourist spots. This week went by so quickly, we kept busy every day, but I still feel like we didn't get enough in. I had a long list of things I wanted to do and we didn't even knock off half of them! I guess I know what we'll be doing on future weekends!

Our first order of vacation was a night away camping with Nana and Papa. Ellie loves being outside and we always visit the same camping spot which has a lot of activities and keeps us busy. We also get to relax and unwind at night around the fire and under the stars.

Then it was off to the zoo! Our niece stayed the night with us the night before, and watching the two of them play was heart melting. It was Ellie's first sleepover and she probably could have stayed up all night playing and giggling. It was hilarious watching them run around and chase each other, play with toys, have tea parties, and play peekaboo. We woke up bright and early to get a head start on the day. The girls loved looking at all of the animals and Ellie insisted on holding hands with her cousin and I. Matt and I bought passes so we'll be going often with our little ray of sunshine. I can't wait to visit the safari park!
 photo 7BA495EA-FC3C-432B-B2F0-19EB54DC594E_zpsdduvrdbd.jpg photo 94F5CC0B-A927-4913-AB78-D984C2C767AB_zps4xdgubw3.jpg

The next day we ran errands and visited a park near our home. The park is huge and had a lake with ducks to feed, but Ellie kept eating the bread we had brought instead of the ducks! It was hilarious and adorable. We played in the grass, at the park in the swings, and ran all over the place.
 photo 89C0AB30-E843-4B13-8CA0-E7A7971C90BE_zpsxe0qbqev.jpg photo 26840C25-1D7F-4F51-843E-562193A86BC0_zpshmfy74zz.jpg photo DABA1A6A-30E3-4989-ABE3-1FB72719D987_zpsvzrat2pt.jpg photo 258508A7-2BA3-4576-9251-8CDDBDC902A8_zpsabhcu4uu.jpg

Matt and I were able to sneak away for a little date. We went out for sushi and relaxed around the house. It was so weird to be home without Ellie- the house was so quiet! We spent all of our days at home getting stuff done, relaxing, and cuddling with Ellie. She had some shots this week and four molars are coming in, so she's had a tough few days, so it's been awesome to spend extra time with her.
 photo 1884EC45-C4F6-471D-A658-41E47FC08CF2_zpsujbsqwfu.jpg

We ended the week with my cousin's beautiful wedding. It was gorgeous! He was dressed to the nines and his bride was stunning. It was such a fun night dancing and celebrating their union.
 photo 10405622_10152379932953845_3893672676300588484_n_zpsce7b93f3.jpg photo 2BFCC5CF-1526-4FC6-BB9B-80273FA56AAB_zps4rkuyggm.jpg

Have a great week, happy Monday!

Monday, August 11, 2014

How We Spent Our Weekend

This weekend has just flown right by. We had tons of plans, but Ellie came down sick so we just stayed home all weekend and didn't go anywhere (besides a trip to the grocery store). Which was actually kind of nice. We were able to just do some stuff around the house, relax, and cuddle a ton.

 photo A5A57D2D-1EF0-4ED4-9526-10ADA36C3424_zpsia47xyh8.jpg
Yesterday we had some of our family stop by to visit and we just stuffed our faces and laid around the house. We had a mishmosh of lunch that we made and it was awesome. Kind of reminded me of college and living on my own where my girlfriend and I would just cook up whatever we had and then eat it for dinner. In fact, I kinda still eat like that now for lunch... left over lasagna, dried apricots, granola bar, and cucumber water? Sounds good.

 photo 499EB8D1-54F8-44E2-9935-4960231744BA_zpsdz9foci6.jpg
We did some work in our backyard (for some reason, I love pulling weeds and enjoy doing it every week) and our neighbor gave us some figs off his tree. He was stockpiling us and I told him we didn't need that much because I would be the only one eating them and now I'm kicking myself in the butt. I only have three left and Ellie wouldn't stop eating them! I fed her a few bites and then she wanted her own and ate three all by herself! I love how much she likes trying new foods and is a fruit lover like me. 

There haven't been much OOTD's over here because I've just been re-wearing the same stuff or just switching out the top/bottom. I'm at that point right now where I hate everything in my closet except a few items. I've been browsing a lot online, but haven't made any purchases (except for these super cute and cheapie sunglasses from Amazon thanks to Megan). I'm so not ready for Fall and I'm absolutely sick of hearing about it everywhere. It's so annoying to me to hear about fall this and fall that when it's hot as Hades around here until November. Plus, I'm a lot more picky with what I'm buying lately, I want to only get pieces that are versatile and will be a good addition to my closet for my personal/weekend life and for work. I have my eye on a few pieces (Old Navy has a ton of cute stuff right now), would you be interested to see a wish list in a future post?

 photo 5D6D8077-7633-4FF0-A646-C0B8E2BC0427_zps0abcg513.jpg
I've also found a theme and a few items for our playroom! Yay! It's been a slow time getting it together and we're still nowhere close to where I would like to see it, but I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head that I plan on making a reality soon. Just need a few more trips to Target, Hobby Lobby, Ikea, and a ton of hours to pull my ish together. Ha ha ha. Maybe just one project at a time?

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Sorry the pics in this post are all IG repeat, I'll be sure to do better next week. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend was so busy! I felt like we were on the go, go, go starting bright and early on Friday. Work was insanely busy, but went by so fast. Work has been going really well, I'm very much enjoying my new position and am still in training. It's been a great change of pace and am happy with the move. Sunday finally calmed down and it was nice to lay around the house in pjs and relax. We still did some work around the house, but nothing major.

 photo 2F4C5F91-1224-4CB9-B845-77F19A2C2B0B_zpsbqvwx3dd.jpg

On Friday for work, we had a potluck and I made Brown Covered Oreos. They are so easy to make and I've made them a few times before. I found the "recipe" on Pinterest, but changed how I made them. I use cupcake liners and drop a bit of brownie into each one, place the Oreo in, and then top with brownie batter then bake for 15-17 minutes. So easy and delicious! I've made them without the liners, but they're harder to eat and get out of the cupcake pan.

 photo 0D32ABB7-1043-4CF0-A56A-0B8CF352F983_zpshq5kz8cs.jpg photo 11D5BFCF-7A07-4AD0-99F3-13A31E981901_zpsd9dwwdl5.jpg

After work I headed straight out to celebrate my SIL's birthday with some of the girls. We went to Old Town Temecula to some great places and had a great time. We started out at a quiet bar/restaurant and sat outside to eat. The place was rustic and had cornhole set up on the side. It was nice to get out and do something new, but I felt so old! I don't typically feel old, but that night made me feel like becoming a parent has really aged me. I was super tired after the clock struck 10 (ok, 9 if I'm honest). Anyone else ever feel that way?

 photo A1179B06-2C1F-4339-8626-1D0E324B5996_zpsdpo6ypo5.jpg

On Saturday we headed out to Santa Monica (hence the famous and played out ferris wheel shot) for a wedding for Matt's cousin. It was great down by the beach and beautiful. The weather was perfect, warm with a great breeze, and we were able to be outside a lot and enjoy it. I haven't been to Santa Monica in a few years and there were people doing yoga on the grass like in the movies. Ha ha ha. Luckily, we were able to snag some family shots, frizzy beach hair and all.

 photo 1839DCD8-4052-415A-9002-861658FD6FA4_zps1pmcvr2h.jpg photo D8BC885F-07A6-4960-815A-2EA58DE75EC7_zpshiqvnhqm.jpg

Ellie and I finally had the chance to wear dresses that we got LAST summer. I bought this striped dress last April when I was still pregnant and got Ellie that dress at the end of summer for Ellie. I can't believe it's been over a year that this little number has been sitting in my closet with the tags. I just haven't had an event I felt I could wear it too. Usually, when I buy something, if I haven't worn it in the first two weeks I'll return it. I figure when you buy something, you should want to wear it right away.

 photo 57D92F80-34F1-4664-B0D9-90B9E2362304_zpsvpps1vaf.jpg

Sunday finally calmed down and it was nice to lay around the house in pjs and relax. We still did some work around the house, but nothing major. I've been wanting to work on our playroom and decorate it, but I've been going back and forth on colors/scheme. I did some looking online and I finally have a bit of direction, but we'll see how it goes. I have some vacation days coming up and I hope to get a lot done then. I don't want to do anything crazy, you can see our playroom (it's an open loft area) from the entryway so I'm not going to be painting the walls and need to pull color some other ways.

Hope all of you had a great weekend!