Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baby Must-Haves: 2 Months

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There hasn't been too many new things that we needed this month that we haven't used in the past or items we needed before and aren't using now. I'll definitely be keeping you updated as things change. This last month we went on vacation to the river so we had to get some swim stuff that's on here that we'll be using the rest of the summer. Since we're going into month 3 right now, there's lots of new items for the next post!

I love posts like these on other blogs, it's great seeing what works for other mommies and their babies. I swear there's new products out on a daily basis. I'm also a part of a mother's group on Facebook that's really nice to ask questions and get advice. Motherhood is not for the weak hearted I tell you!

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OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick: I absolutely love this stain remover. At the very beginning I was using only Dreft stain remover and it didn't do a thing for us. All the pieces that got soiled stained and Ellie didn't get to wear them again. After ruining one outfit, I started using the OxiClean and not a single piece has been ruined! Even a white pj that experienced our worst blow out yet. It's a Holy Grail product for us and it doesn't bother Ellie's skin whatsoever.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing: If you remember, our first week home Ellie would sometimes sleep in her swing which finally gave my arms a break. Well, after those first two weeks, she didn't really care for it much. Now, she absolutely loves it! Sometimes when I need her to nap and she's being fussy, I can put her in the swing and she'll be out cold within 10 minutes. Other times, she just loves the motion and laughs looking at the mirror part of the mobile. It's sometimes the only time I can get anything done around the house, I love this swing!

sootheTimesack: Babies love being swaddled and swaddling Ellie was sometimes our only saving grace when she's been fussy (it's even included in my Baby Must Haves for the first week). After the first couple of weeks though she hated having her arms swaddled so we started leaving them out. Most pediatricians recommend to swaddle your child from the armpit down and leave their arms out at two months, but we were doing that weeks ago. When we swaddled her she loved it and then would fuss and fuss because her arms were inside and once we re-swaddled them so they'd be free, she'd be just fine. After a while we didn't swaddle at all and didn't have the need to. Then, one night she was so tired, but was really fighting going to sleep so we swaddled her again and she was out. However, Ellie is really long and her feet were already at the swaddles edge and it was below her arms! The next day I went on the hunt for a good sleep sack that was sleeveless and easy for her to wear. The inside of these sacks have a swaddle for her chest, it zips from top to bottom so it's easy to change her because you can unzip just the bottom and not have to take it completely off, and the sides are mesh for easy breathing for her little legs. I love that she can wear this around her shoulders and it's not just wrapped around her where she could wriggle free (not that she has, but I imagine she could). I definitely want to get some more of these!

Charlie Banana Reusable Swim Diaper: In the last two weekends, we've taken Ellie into the water with us and these swim diapers are amazing! My SIL turned me onto them and they are so easy. I will never use a disposable swim diaper. Ever. Buy these ladies! I picked up two of them, and when your child soils one of them, just take it off to put the 2nd one on, and simply rinse off the soiled one. You could totally just use one, but having two of them made it so much easier and your little one doesn't have to wait naked for you to rinse out their number 2s.

Circo® Infant Girls' Rashguard: Since we were outside, I wanted to make sure to protect her from the sun as much as possible. Our ped had said not to use sunscreen yet, so I bought this long sleeve rashguard to protect her. It worked perfect!

Koala Baby Girls' Swim Hat: I love these swim hats because they dry so quickly and are the perfect protection for Ellie's face and head from the sun. Plus she looks adorable in it!

*Just as a disclaimer, we talked to our ped about putting Ellie in a pool beforehand to talk with her about what's best to protect her. We also didn't have her in the pool or sun for very long.*

Carter's Muslin Butterfly Receiving Blanket: Swaddling blankets were included in my first must-haves and they still are! We use these all the time, they're so light weight, they are perfect for summer time and the cranked AC. These Carter ones are really big and offers lots of ways to wrap up your little ones.

Pandora's Rockabye Baby Station: My sorority big sis told me about this station and it's awesome! We listen to it all the time. I love the variety of music it gives, Journey, Adele, Kanye, Metallica, it's all my favorite songs in lullabies for Ellie to love.There's no words, just the music and some added birds, frogs, and other nature sounds. Ellie really enjoys it and so do I!

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