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Guest Post: Crumbs and Curls

Today we have a guest post, Kristin from Crumbs and Curls. She's new to blogging and she and I have gotten to know each other from emailing and she is just a doll! I love finding and connecting with people from blogging, getting to know them and sharing stories, and Kristin is my newest friend. She is so sweet and Crumbs and Curls is a fun read, she covers celebrities, recipes, fashion, and beauty- a girl after my own heart. I'm so happy to have her post today, I hope you all enjoy!

Hello Kristen's readers, its nice to meet you!  My name is Kristin & I blog over at Crumbs and Curls.  I stumbled upon Love, Lipstick, and Pearls on Pinterest one day, & was instantly in love.  In fact I adored Kristen's blog so much that I decided to start my own.  For as long as I can remember I have loved all things beautyfashionbaking, & crafting, so I decided to blog about what I love.  I have really, really been enjoying blogging, & have met so many nice people.  Kristen has been so sweet, helpful, & encouraging, & I am beyond excited to be taking over Love, Lipstick, and Pearls today, it's a blog dream come true! 

As I mentioned above I love fashion & when it comes to fashion no one has better style then models. Models get to wear the most incredible designer clothes every day, & they take what they learn from their job & translate it into their every day off duty style.  Alessandra Ambrosio is a super stylish well known model & mom.  She has a bohemian look going on, which shows through her frequent wearing of long billowy skirts & tiny cutoffs that some how make her insanely long legs look even longer.  She plays with bright & neural colors, & changes up her footwear with boots, sandals, & flats.  From dresses to jeans & warm to cool weather she always looks so chic & well put together.  Alessandra is always with her kids, & sometimes even dresses her mini me daughter to match her (they even did a London Fog campaign together!).  She has such effortless style & is a great inspiration for everyday looks, here are some of my favorite.
Which look is your favorite?

Something that would go very well with Alessandra's street style is Essie's Summer 2013 Collection.  This nail polish collection is full of fun brights that would go great against a summer tan.  It includes shades from a pretty bright pink/purple to a sparkly teal.  I have a small nail polish addiction & may have already picked up 'The Girls Are Out'.  I highly recommend picking one of these up ASAP so you can wear it before the summer comes to an end!
Which color will you be wearing?

I really loved hanging out on Love, Lipstick, & Pearls today, thank you so much for joining me & I hope that you enjoyed my post!  Make sure to stop by & check out Crumbs and Curls!  Here are a sampling of my favorite posts to check out.

This is my favorite crafting post, because I love glitter.  With these instructions I glittered multiple mason jars (to hold makeup brushes, flowers, q-tips, cotton balls, & much more), chargers, a stapler, & a tray.  It's a fun inexpensive way to update items!
I found a great perfume scent attraction chart on The Beauty Department, which helped to make a great beauty post about perfumes.
I've done a few "Celebrity Style Obsessions", but I feel like Lauren Conrad's style is chic yet obtainable, making her another great person to look to for outfit inspiration.
This is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever, even my sister who is the pickiest eater ever is obsessed with them.  The best part is they have no butter or white sugar, but you would never know!

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Thank you so much Kristin! Your kind words mean so much and I couldn't agree more with you about Alessandra's style. She is gorgeous and always looks so laid back and pulled together. Thank you for guest posting! Be sure to stop by Crumbs and Curls for a dose of fun, fashion, and beauty!
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