Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blushing OOTD

Thank you so much for all the suggestions and support on yesterday's post about Daycare Needs. We packed everything up and Matt, Ellie, and I all went together there yesterday so we could meet the other little girls that will be there and go over Ellie's "routine". The two little girls that will be there were so adorable and just warmed right up to "baby Owie" (that's how it sounds when they say Ellie, and they always say "baby" before her name, just like our niece!). I'm so happy that we have found such a great place where I know Ellie will be taken care of. On our way out we met one of the mothers in the street and she couldn't say enough of how well the daycare is, how her daughter just loves it there, and how sweet the woman who runs it is. She truly is, I just adore her and I'm thrilled to find someone so loving and nurturing to watch over our little one while we're at away at work. Eleanor starts there next Monday and Matt will be with her today through Friday.

Today will be my first day back and I'm happy that I was able to come back mid-week. I think it will help be an easier transition since the weekend will be so close and I'll have two whole uninterrupted days to love and cuddle Ellie. Since Matt is with her, I'll be getting lots of pictures and videos which will help me get through my withdrawals. Friday and last night I cried several ugly cries just thinking about missing her. It breaks my heart having to leave her, but it's what is best for our family at this time. Maybe I'll eventually be able to stay home with her (which is our goal in a few years), but until then I'll have to just ugly cry it in the shower. I'm hoping it will get easier as the days go by, although I'm preparing myself to cry every Monday for the next several months.

This past Monday, Matt and I had our very first date night since Ellie's birth. We were so excited to have some time alone and eat dinner together. Our plan was to go to the sushi restaurant we went to the night before Ellie's birth since I didn't get to have any of the sashimi or certain rolls. Afterwards we planned on going to a movie, but after dinner we missed Eleanor so much we raced home to pick her up. Instead of the movies, we got Slurpees instead as a little treat on our way back.

 photo BD717C76-5837-42AE-863A-D11B64A7FBFA-8051-0000035EDEC344A5_zpse8d541ea.jpg photo 810CF426-2061-4ADD-96A1-C8FEDEE8AD81-8051-0000035EBE57D335_zpsc1c1da26.jpg photo 3E7861E1-C9F6-4E91-A85E-EFF3ACC15AD8-8051-0000035E2B1C46B6_zpse2229121.jpg photo C1A64FAF-A4AB-4A23-A656-A95860F7C438-8051-0000035E197C84B0_zpsd05954d0.jpg

 photo 258CDCBA-3CF9-4FEA-A473-3E4ACD261E51-8051-0000035E054743C2_zps98967614.jpg
His and Hers Slurpees

How long did you have before your first date night? 
How often do you and the hubs get to have date nights?

 photo 4CBE25CA-1029-4EAD-8597-83CEFCF00420-8986-000003C90CBB8153_zps0357b9e6.jpg
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