Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day Care Must Haves?

Next week Ellie will start going to an in-home daycare while Matt and I are at work. I absolutely love where she is going and feel like she is going to get all the attention and care she needs while I'm away. I'm busy packing a box to send with her to keep there. I've been going over everything I think we will need, but wanted to know what works for your children while they are gone. I want her to have anything that will keep her content, comfortable, and make life a bit easier on the caregiver. Below is my list of what I've packed so far, am I missing anything else?

 photo DaycareNeedsBlend_zps7ede78a8.jpg
Rash Cream- Aquaphor

What did your little one need while they're at daycare? I know some of these items might never be used, but at least they would be there and smell of home. I'll also add in extra toys that Ellie enjoys like her Oball, but I'm sure that will change all the time.

PS I start work tomorrow! Ugh. I'm spending every single minute today loving and kissing on Ellie! Any tips from Mom's on going back to work?

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