Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feeling Minty OOTD

 photo 3CE03F6D-B381-4859-8CFF-77D3EAB7B33C-3355-0000014C1590727D_zps9f9b26ce.jpg photo 6D22DAE8-77C0-4B11-86A4-B04BEC2936B8-3355-0000014C2C2F5CCB_zps3d900b21.jpg photo E64F2DF3-FDCA-4184-8686-1F42F09B3A85-3355-0000014C1CF29FC1_zpsc3f65481.jpg
 photo 3CE03F6D-B381-4859-8CFF-77D3EAB7B33C-3355-0000014C1590727D_zpsda770fca.jpg

The Bella Dress- Mint
Beautiful Bay Necklace- White
Monogram Necklace- MonoArtian
Becka's Shades- Black
Sandals- Old Navy  

This time next week I'll be back to work and probably crying my eyes out in the bathroom. Until then I'm loving every minute home with Ellie and wearing all of my not-appropriate-for-work-but-finally-out-of-pjs clothes.  I wore this dress out to a party my SIL had over the weekend. I've had this little number in my closet just burning away and waiting to be worn. I knew it would be the perfect LMD (Little Mint Dress) for girls time. I can't wait to wear it again! Maybe for the hubby and I's first date night next week?
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