Thursday, August 8, 2013

There's No Crying in Softball

This past Sunday we celebrated my cousin's birthday with a surprise softball game at a local park. His sweet girlfriend put it all together and it was so much fun! He thought they were going somewhere else and they pulled up to the park to all of his family and closest friends ready to play ball. It was such a great idea and so cute!
 photo 998732_3284279682895_249836947_n_zpsa411110f.jpg photo 696C3064-8642-4967-A2A6-2927DC3B08E7-4740-00000207F614DD44_zps83bda76e.jpg photo 999715F9-30E2-43EA-899E-48F84A87FFCA-4740-00000207FEB7251C_zps19e1533f.jpg photo 70BD7B03-6CAB-4DBB-B27C-AD2BD1B984A5-4740-00000207EA677554_zpsb784e557.jpg photo C9E456C9-221A-488A-89EF-C7816485C35F-4740-000002081636A5AE_zps39683566.jpg photo 5F2FE314-4DAF-4C01-8DFB-2014BADA5AA2-7265-0000033559AE1367_zpsba0ba3e8.jpg photo 2A60651D-A870-4B8B-A50D-5B385A9D324E-7265-000003356690C751_zpsbf708bda.jpg

Ellie is getting so big! I can't believe how fast she's growing. All of her clothes are 3 months, and some of them are still too small! She's really long and some of the pants or footless outfits only go to capri length. It's so funny. Her hair is also coming in so much! Look how much hair she has in the back! I can't believe it! I didn't have that much hair until my first birthday! The hubs had hair though, she gets it from him. Also, above I'm using a K'Tan and love it! I'll be blogging about it more in my 3 month must haves.

For my outfit I wore the comfiest shorts ever with my favorite piko top. Everything of course is from Kiki La'Rue- my one stop shop. Whenever we go out, I always try and get ready and wear a cute outfit. When I'm at home, I'm in straight pjs and "workout" clothes. I'm going back to work soon (I could just cry my eyes out when I think about it) and I'm trying to get the most out of shorts, tanks, and short dresses. My husband loved this outfit, especially the earrings. I'm typically a stud only type chick, but when my husband said he likes the dangly kind I picked these up. They are so lightweight! My ears are pretty sensitive and I can't wear dangly earrings for more than a few hours before I'm ripping them out, but I wore these all night long and my lobes weren't sore one bit when I took them off for the night. Um, must have in every color please!
 photo 691B3044-9E0C-4785-9D9F-09893CC99E74-4740-000002082612DA04_zps1d504d2f.jpg photo 67E4BC05-5C31-4D00-80B7-49DDB8F234F4-4740-0000020820C7984D_zpsde8c02cf.jpg photo 75CC2F55-F6FD-447F-95CC-22FBF4ACA425-4740-000002081BAC920E_zps5f9ac3de.jpg photo E68DF143-414E-4D26-BE68-0ABDBD9ADB06-4740-000002084BB94B0B_zps964ecef9.jpg
Becka's Shades

What are you trying to wear the most of before summer is over? Is it just me or is all this fall talk happening too soon? I am in no way ready for fall, sweaters, or boots.

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