Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nursery Reveal

For the nursery, I wanted something soft, pretty and feminine. I didn't want it to be too "baby", but to be a room she could use for a few years and grow with it before having to re-do it again. Right now we're living in an apartment, but when we get our own place I would like to have a chandelier and paint the walls a soft grey with white molding. Also, we wanted to repaint the bookshelf white, but we didn't get a chance to. It just seemed like too much of a hassle to take it apart, take it to my in-laws, paint a few coats there, and then transport it back and put it back together again. We're just going to wait until we move and paint it then before we move it into the room. I started out with an Alice in Wonderland theme, but somewhere along the way it kind of disappeared and now there's no real theme to it.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, I walk into the room everyday to look around and imagine our little bunny in it. I picture my husband and I coming in to change her, lay her down for sleep or picking her up from the crib, nursing her in the rocking chair. I can't wait until all these daydreams come reality.

 photo IMG_0550_zps764ab8b2.jpg photo IMG_0546_zps39871ea8.jpg photo IMG_0561_zpsd9886820.jpg photo IMG_0544_zps8a315331.jpg photo IMG_0545_zps58fff640.jpg photo IMG_0553_zpsbd8ca028.jpg photo IMG_0555_zps4ab00ddd.jpg photo IMG_0559_zps1f47c96b.jpg photo IMG_0576_zpsd4ac46a6.jpg photo IMG_0577_zps68776409.jpg photo IMG_0580_zps4240b3ca.jpg photo IMG_0558_zpsf60666ca.jpg photo IMG_0536_zpsefc7bb0a.jpg photo IMG_0572_zps3ddf3c6e.jpg photo IMG_0570_zpsf4fde784.jpg photo IMG_0569_zpsc5e0732e.jpg photo IMG_0567_zpsf703da5a.jpg photo IMG_0566_zpsec7ccc76.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ready to Pop Baby Shower!

 photo F2CF312E-C942-4C94-9128-5313BD7698A1-1441-00000088D4B02B84_zps4e2da334.jpg
My husband's side of the family threw a shower for me at the beginning of the month, and boy are they sneaky! They are such good secret keepers and like to keep everything a surprise. It's so fun, but it also drives me nuts because nothing is ever a secret on my side of the family so I'm always in the know about everything. As much as it can drive me up the wall, I absolutely revel in it! You can't trick them into giving anything away, they don't drop any hints, nothing! Their lips are sealed! It makes holidays and parties very fun, something I haven't experienced since I was a kid waiting for Santa. About a week before my MIL finally gave me my invite and I got a little hint about the theme. With the shower just a month before my due date, I was definitely ready to pop!

 photo IMG_0449_zpsb4c7e18c.jpg photo IMG_0451_zps6a3d4343.jpg photo IMG_0471_zpsa6435eab.jpg photo IMG_0469_zpsc29c72b0.jpg photo IMG_0454_zps0f092612.jpg photo IMG_0457_zps90150cfa.jpg photo IMG_0458_zps0a66fa0a.jpg photo IMG_0465_zps7c333973.jpg photo IMG_0455_zps37097585.jpg

The theme was so cute and all the details throughout the party were adorable! We had "Popping Lemonade and Tea", the cake had fun dots that matched the invitation, each table had popcorn and the cutest centerpieces of lollipop bouquets, they really went all out! The weather was so perfect, it was bright and warm, with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool. It was the perfect afternoon to spend outside celebrating.

 photo IMG_0502_zpsafbeab20.jpg photo IMG_0475_zps405fefe8.jpg 

I really wish I had a professional photographer for all of life's events, we were so busy having fun it's hard to remember to take pictures. The shower was beautiful and so nice to visit with all of our family and friends, we were so busy catching up and swapping baby/pregnancy stories we didn't get to take pictures until after everyone left! I'm so lucky to be so close to my in-laws, the Lord really blessed with wonderful family members all around. Thank you so much for such a special day!