Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Treats

Easter (and 4th of July) are my absolute favorite holidays! There's just such simple joy in the day. One of my favorite things about Easter is all the yummy treats! Every time I go to the store I help myself to a Cadbury egg, they're just so delicious. I'm also one of the few people who truly enjoy Peeps. I can only eat 2 at most, but still enjoy them year to year. This year, I want to bring something new and fun to the family party. Here's some of my ideas, mostly from my Pinterest board, but I've linked to the original websites/blogs.

Easter bark via
This would be so easy to customize to your taste preferences, and would make for great gifts.

Chocolate Dipped Peeps via
How pretty do these look? I may just make them purely out of cuteness.
Candy Cabobs via
How awesome is this??? I want one stat! This would be such a HUGE hit with the kiddos.

Rice Krispie Eggs via
Matt loves this idea, and there's also a secret jelly bean in the center!

Peeps Sunflower Cake via
This would totally be the easy route, but it totally would work.

Bunny Oreos via
Oreos and chocolate are a dream come true. Enough said.

Bunny Bait via
This reminds me of the Birthday Cake popcorn I made for Superbowl, super easy to snack on.  

Ok, so I'm not sure yet what I want to make, but I'll definitely share with you the results! These treats just look so yummy, I want to make all of them. Sugar coma here I come.
What's your favorite holiday? What snacks do you plan on making for Easter?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Old Navy Ruffle Blouse
Gap Skinnies
Steve Madden Patent Flats
MAC Force of Love Lipstick

I bought this blouse a while ago, and just love it. It's so pretty and feminine. Oh and OMG are these Gap skinnies comfy. They are seriously the most comfortable jeans I own. Must buy more. 
I'm seriously digging spring and can't wait for summer to come!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Product Review: MAC Warm Soul Blush

The different background and lighting make a huge difference in how the colors looks!

 Warm Soul is simply beautiful peach shade with pink undertones and gold shimmer.

-Works for EVERY skin color. Ever color, I know so many people who use this blush and it looks great on all of us (dark skin/hair, to light skin/hair)
-Buildable color
-Gives a sort of bronzed effect
-Not super shimmery when applied, so don't be afraid for you matte blush lovers
-Warms up your face and gives a nice glow
-Easy to blend

-Because of the golden glow it gives you, it can be easy to overdose on bronzer and the blush so you need to be sure to keep a light hand and build the color or skip the bronzer all together

Overall, I love this shade and would definitely recommend it to everyone to check out. It looks so natural, it's definitely a color I'll be re-purchasing.

Lately, I've become obsessed with blush. I have so many, but I really do switch which ones I'm using up a lot. Some colors I swear by, MAC Pink Swoon, Warm Soul, Sunbasque, for example and are some of my go-to shades.

What are your favorite blushes?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Favorite of the Week- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Everything According to Erin

Ok so I have 2 things for my favorites this week. I know, I know, I just couldn't help myself.

First, is Matt and I rented The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo over the weekend from Redbox, and this is how the DVD looked:

I totally freaked out that it was a burned copy and that some jerkface had stolen from the company and that we might have to watch some crappy version or that the DVD might not work at all. So I tweeted Redbox about it all huffy, and they told me that the video was supposed to look like that because the main character Lisbeth is a computer hacker. Oh. Then, I felt dumb but was totally amazed. That's super cool they did it that way, I just wish I knew it beforehand or didn't jump to conclusions. The movie was really good and I look forward to seeing the future movies from the trilogy. I haven't read the books yet, and I'm not 100% sure I will. Have you read them?

My second favorite thing this week was my date with Mandy from In the Fashion Lane. We had such a blast shopping and having lunch. Blogging has really opened so many doors and I've met some of the most wonderful people. I'm so thankful to all of my readers and new friends I've met along the way.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Side Are You On?

So, the husband and I both have "our sides" of the bed. Once we tried switching sides and neither of us slept well and woke up with cricks in our necks. No fun.

The other night, the H fell asleep on my side of the bed. So what did I do as a fabulous wife? Well, I waited for him to roll around enough to give me enough room to squeeze into my spot.

At home, I have to sleep on the "outside" of the bed, whichever side is closest to the door. Since I was a child I've always had to sleep by the door. However, whenever I'm a guest somewhere I'll sleep on the "inside" away from the door or next to a wall/window.

We may switch it up when we get our own place, but for now we have MY side and HIS side.

So loves, which side do you favor? Isn't it funny that we tend to favor one side over the other?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sandal Wishlist

Spring fever has officially hit my household. All I was to do is shop, shop, shop! One thing I have on my to-buy list is some new sandals. Here's what I've been checking out so far:

Colin Stuart Platform Espadrille
These are so sexy and remind me a bit of the CL's that were big last year.

Colin Stuart T-Strap Espadrille
I mostly love these because they're only a 41/4 inch. Thank goodness! It's so hard to find lower wedges. I'd probably go for the glitter, but who knows. I'm not sure I'm in love with these.

ALDO 'Harvat' Platform Sandal
Ok, I'd probably get these in nude, but didn't want to showcase only nude sandals. LOL.

Hinge 'Asher' T-Strap Sandal
The t-strap would be so sexy with summer hemlines.

DV by Dolce Vita 'Archer' Sandal
I love my DVs from last year (check them out here) and have been sold on the line. The gold accents are so pretty. I've tried these on in person and they're the perfect flat.

Chinese Laundry Women's Drastic Wedge Pump
I love the mix of patent and cork with these shoes. Chinese Laundry really makes some great shoes (and handbags!). I'd love these pair too.

So there's what I've been browsing online for. My birthday is coming up soon so I'm going to add some cute sandals to my wishlist. 

What sandals have you been looking for? Have you bought any yet for the summer?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Here's a side by side swap of the UDNP1 (top) vs the UDNP2 (bottom) 
via Makeup and Beauty Blog's below and check out her post with her review.

Here's the things to note from the video:

-Quality is just as great as the first the one. Obviously, they're the same brand.
-Very neutral colors, great for any skin tone and eye color.
-Case is superior to the UDNP1.
-Perfect for those starting out in make-up or prefer more natural colors. There are still some dark shades (that black is pretty heavy), but has more daytime and lighters shades than UDNP1.
-If I had to pick just one of the palettes, I'd choose the first one, only because I prefer more of a smoky eye, but I'm also more familiar with it since I've had it for so long. 
-I use both palettes frequently, the UDNP2 mostly for work and day activities and the UDNP1 for nights/weekends.
-My MAC shadows, besides my holy grail shades, have completely been ignored and have pretty much become obsolete since buying these palettes. They're THAT good.
-Definitely worth the funds!! Every makeup lover should own them.

Do you have the palettes? How do you like them? Which do you prefer?

Do you guys prefer written or vlog reviews? Or is a post like this that has both preferable?