Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fanny Packs Coming Back?

Fanny Packs graced the runway for Spring 2010 at the D&G fashion show. I've been waiting for these to come back, everything else from 80s has. One time during recruitment, my friend S. showed up wearing a Gucci fanny pack. We all told her she needed to take it off asap. "But it's Gucci!" she cried, and my gf A. informed her ever so diplomatically with "Ya, but it's still a fanny pack." We still tease S. about it today and she still has it and stands by her statement. I guess now she can wear it with pride (?).

I Really Love Ashley Tisdale

Especially when she's blonde! She went back to blonde last week and although she looks great brunette, I prefer her with lighter tresses. I totally love her style too- she always dresses girly with a bit of edge and appropriate for her age.
Do you like this style with the exposed bra? I've seen it on Rihanna and Gwen Stefani recently too. I think it works for here on Ashley because the outfit isn't skeezy, is a bright color, and is a nice fabric (as far as I can tell from the pic). I'm really loving her bra too, I saw a thick band bra over the weekend that I loved, but the store didn't have it in my size. I think the thick band is kind of old school glamorous as well.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Heart Short Sparkly Dresses

In fact, I'm obsessed! I need/want (sometimes that line gets pretty blurry) one right now and somewhere to wear it too! Maybe family Thanksgiving? As a Halloween costume? Hmmmm... Have any of you seen any cute ones out and about? I've only seen Tina Turner-esque ones and I'd like something more fresh.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Look I Love

Girly meets sexy. Pretty dresses, ruffles, pearls, soft colors matched with studded shoes, smoky eyes, and killer accessories. Jennifer Garner is killing it here, she looks stunning. What do you think?

Jen, You're Really Stepping It Up

Ok, I have a confession. I don't really care of Jennifer Aniston.
I know, I know.... I loved her as Rachel in Friends and that's about it. I think she's boring. She always looks the same, her hair and make up are always the same, in interviews I rarely ever read/hear anything great. I was "Team Jennifer" through the whole Pitt- Jolie debacle. Anyways, she wore an amazing dress. It's pretty neutral, but she looks smoking! It's totally the big thing this fall too- long sleeve minidresses. I'm still on the lookout for mine. Have you seen any cute ones out?

Legally Blonde: The Musical

My gf T. and I went to the show last night at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and it was fantastic! I sang all of the songs (quietly to myself as to not disturb others), cheered, laughed, and clapped through out the whole show. T. had been a musical virgin before and I was so excited and honored to have popped her cherry. I love musicals and try to go as often as I can when they come close to home. The entire cast was wonderful, it's slightly different than the movie- but the story is still quite entertaining and I don't believe it loses any of it's pizazz with the changes made. T and I wore matching dresses (am I too old to do that?? Borderline maybe?) and had a really great time. We listened to the soundtrack the entire way home too. Do you like musicals? What plays/musicals have you seen?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Back!!

It was everything I dreamed of and more! I love Gossip Girl and I can't wait for my Monday nights with Blair and Chuck. The fashion was gorgeous, I love that Vanessa (Jessica Zhor) stepped it up, Serena (Blake Lively) still needs to use a brush- but always beautiful, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Hardwick) are finally together and are faithful(!), Nate (Chace Crawford) got rid of his man-bangs (thank God!). Did you watch the premiere? What did you think?


RIP Patrick Swayze

You were my first celebrity crush, you moved me in both Ghost and Dirty Dancing. You will be missed. My condolences to your loved ones.


Friday, September 11, 2009



*sorry about the dimensions, I couldn't get them to match

Loving These Dresses! Absolutely Fabulous!

Where can I get knockoffs? I'm in LOVE with the Penelope's dress, the cut, the draping, the color- it's divine!

Bridesmaid Hair

When you get your hair done for a formal event, does it ever come out like the picture?
Here is the picture I requested. I asked for "Texas" heighth in the back and it so swoop into the bun.
Here are my results:
Texas height? Check. Swooping to the back? Not to much. Why was my part so small? Overall it was okay, I would have like to have had at least 2 in of bangs in the front, but by the time she had shown me, there was no going back from the teasing. What do you think?
Here are some of the other hair styles, what do you think? I think there were only 2 of us who's hair looked like the pictures, but we were still happy! We had a great time at the wedding!
Congrats to A & A!

Dear Taylor Momsen,

What are you wearing?
Please start dressing more like your character Jenny Humphrey and less like a crack whore.
With Love,
Miss K
PS I do love your leather pencil skirt and dark lipstick though, but smile next time to make this don't a do.

Who Wore It Best? I'm On A Roll Here!

Another celebrity is trying to copy my wardrobe. I swear, I hate when this happens. Just kidding! I still think my dress is better though! hahaha
These are two of my BFFs, J. and B. don't they look hot?

I'm so Proud to be from Utah

Seriously, I really am. Didn't you read my past post? In Utah, over in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point, they have the state's largest corn field. Every year a theme is picked and a maze is cut out in the field to represent theme, last year was David Archuleta, another year was 9-11. It's a lot of fun to go and I went nearly every year when I lived there.
This year's theme is New Moon!! They have cut both Team Jacob (my fave) and Team Edward into the corn. The maze opens September 24 and runs thru Halloween. If you happen to be in town those days, I definitely suggest stopping by. Maybe I can go home for a weekend soon and check it out myself. Oh how I would love to get lost there. You can read all about there article here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

If You're Going to do 80s, Do It Right!

The girls at SATC are doing the 80s so perfect! I can't wait to see all of the looks and the movie, I already have the day marked in my calendar! Do you plan on seeing it? Last year I went with 2 of my gfs and had such a great time!

New Hair Trend?

Goodbye shaved heads and hello colored tips! I wonder if anyone else will also jump on the wagon. Do you remember back in HS when this was kinda cool? Did you try it? If so, what color did you do?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall, Try as I might, You're Still Here

Summer is over, I'll be packing up my summer wardrobe by the end of the month. At least living in California I can get by wearing a lot of "summer" items still because it's so warm. Making the change to a fall wardrobe is so dreadful to me. I love the hot weather, being outside, and wearing minimal clothing. Since I'm not Mother Nature, fall is inevitable. There are a few things to look forward to though.... like shopping for new clothes, drinking spiced cidar, and new boots.

Here is my need/want/will die without shopping list:

· A white or grey fitted blazer that hits just below the front pockets of my pants (I ordered one today that I hope works)
· Black studded heels and bag (a less expensive version of the ones I’ve been pining for)
· A long sleeve mini-dress
· Versatile “flowy” shirts- I have what I want in my head, I just need to find them
· Purplish Berry Lipgloss (like Taylor’s)
· A white manicure with details on my ring fingers
· To the knee gray boots to replace my old ones
· Riding boots? Just maybe.
· Tiffany & Co Key Necklace
· Some fun bangles
· Dressy leggings that go to my ankle (I ordered some zipper detailed ones today with the blazer)

Here is what I'm looking forward to doing this fall:

· My trip up north to see my BFF S. - going shopping in San Fran, eating fresh clam chowder, and going to the brewfest.
· Seeing Legally Blonde the Musical (I’ve been waiting all year for this show!) and Mary Poppins (waiting all of my life for this one)
· Halloween- I’m trying to come up with a great group or couple theme this year where the BF doesn’t look “gay” (he used this term when I suggested we be sailors)

What are you looking forward to this fall? What is on your shopping list? Do you have any suggestions where I could find the above items? The plum/berry lipgloss is the one I'm having the most trouble finding. I want one that I can wear during the day and not feel comfortable wearing it with just all black.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Sister!

You're the best little sister ever and I'm glad that you're back home!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Best Fashion Tips

Here are some things I use all of the time, that I think everyone else can use also. I must state (so I can go back to the "glory" days) that I did win Best Dressed 2 years in a row. Lol.

1. A curling/straightening iron can easily double for a real iron when in a jam. Just make sure to lower the heat!
2. Don’t have time to wash your jeans? Wet the area you need to “shrink” (usually the butt, knees, and pelvis area) and put in the dryer. Note: you do not have to soak the jeans, just wet them a bit.
3. Did you get blood on your outfit? DO NOT RUB WITH A CLOTH OR PUT IN THE DRYER!! If it just happened, take an ice cube and rub it back and forth. It will take time, but it will usually come completely out (I used this trick on my counsin's tuxedo at a wedding this past May- it works). If it happened earlier and has since dried, milk will help breakdown the enzymes in the blood. Finally, don’t put the item in the dryer until you are absolutely sure there is no more blood! If you do, the blood will set and be there forever.
4. When in doubt, buy nude, black or white. You can always add color with your shoes, belt, handbag, or jewelry.
5. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount if it's the last one or if there are any marks whatsoever on the item. Usually you can get 10-20% just by asking.

6. Don’t move your sunglasses to the top of your head, it stretches them out. Either let them hang below your chin from your ears, from your shirt, or just put them away!
7. Make sure to wear a slip, my mom and Grandmother taught me this. It keeps dresses and skirts from being see-through, but it also keeps them from sticking to your leg or tights.
8. If you have something basic (like a tee/button down and jeans) that you need to makeover, you can add a belt or scarf, wear crazy heels, tuck in your shirt, or fold up the bottoms of your pants. If all else fails, wear lipstick. By dressing it differently, your basic outfit can become all new!
9. Hang your dark denim to dry, don’t put it in the dryer- it will fade the color.
10. All knit sweaters/dresses should be washed in a delicate bag and laid flat to dry.
11. Never put your bras in the dryer! Unless of course you don’t care about the elasticity and want saggy breasts.

12. Tailors are your friends. Good ones anyways. Sometimes you can find a great pair of jeans but you don't like the style? You can easily take them from boot cut to skinny and probably still save $$ than if you had bought them at full price. Do be aware that not everything is easy to alter and some alterations cost more than other ones. Items to note: dresses with a tie or boning, jackets/blazers, and letting things out.
13. If you don't absolutely love it, can wear it with items you already own, and fits you well: DON"T BUY IT!
14. Don’t be afraid of color! If you are, see step 4 about adding it to your wardrobe.
15. Don't be afraid to wear something if you truly love it and feel great in it.

What fashion tips/rules do you follow?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Not to Dress for a Premiere, but Look Like a Pirate

Annalynne: Leather is going to be big this fall, do you have something leather I could wear now?

Stylist (who should be fired if she has one): Oooh I have a bra and corset that will be so hot!

Annalynne: Great! I want to wear some tight sexy pants too and high boots.

Stylist (who should be fired if she has one): I have just the thing!

Annalynne: Oh and I definitely want to have a Madonna vibe going on as well.

Stylist (who should be fired if she has one): Lace gloves?

Annalynne: Awesome. I need something studded- that's been everywhere on the red carpet.

Stylist (who should be fired if she has one): Ok. Hmmmm....We're missing something...... I know! Lets get a Rihanna pointed nail tip too.

Annalynne: That will pull the look together perfectly!

Stylist (who should be fired if she has one): You are so ahead of the game.

Note: By "ahead of the game" she meant by 2 months, Halloween is in October honey.


Jessica Lowndes: Ummmmm, maybe my stylist could work with you for the next event?

Annalynne: What are you trying to say?


PS Her makeup is fabulous! I nearly didn't recognize her she looks so glamorous!

Mark Your Calendars for May 28, 2010

Because Sex and The City is coming out! Filming started Tuesday and pics are already flying all over the internet. Will Big and Carries have a baby? Where will they move to now that they sold the house with the amazing closet? Who will Samantha be cavorting around with?
Here are the pics:
I LOVE her white outfit- the longsleeves and short hemline, nude sparkly shoes, and her hair is to DIE for. Her pink bag has also given me butterflies.