Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Best Fashion Tips

Here are some things I use all of the time, that I think everyone else can use also. I must state (so I can go back to the "glory" days) that I did win Best Dressed 2 years in a row. Lol.

1. A curling/straightening iron can easily double for a real iron when in a jam. Just make sure to lower the heat!
2. Don’t have time to wash your jeans? Wet the area you need to “shrink” (usually the butt, knees, and pelvis area) and put in the dryer. Note: you do not have to soak the jeans, just wet them a bit.
3. Did you get blood on your outfit? DO NOT RUB WITH A CLOTH OR PUT IN THE DRYER!! If it just happened, take an ice cube and rub it back and forth. It will take time, but it will usually come completely out (I used this trick on my counsin's tuxedo at a wedding this past May- it works). If it happened earlier and has since dried, milk will help breakdown the enzymes in the blood. Finally, don’t put the item in the dryer until you are absolutely sure there is no more blood! If you do, the blood will set and be there forever.
4. When in doubt, buy nude, black or white. You can always add color with your shoes, belt, handbag, or jewelry.
5. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount if it's the last one or if there are any marks whatsoever on the item. Usually you can get 10-20% just by asking.

6. Don’t move your sunglasses to the top of your head, it stretches them out. Either let them hang below your chin from your ears, from your shirt, or just put them away!
7. Make sure to wear a slip, my mom and Grandmother taught me this. It keeps dresses and skirts from being see-through, but it also keeps them from sticking to your leg or tights.
8. If you have something basic (like a tee/button down and jeans) that you need to makeover, you can add a belt or scarf, wear crazy heels, tuck in your shirt, or fold up the bottoms of your pants. If all else fails, wear lipstick. By dressing it differently, your basic outfit can become all new!
9. Hang your dark denim to dry, don’t put it in the dryer- it will fade the color.
10. All knit sweaters/dresses should be washed in a delicate bag and laid flat to dry.
11. Never put your bras in the dryer! Unless of course you don’t care about the elasticity and want saggy breasts.

12. Tailors are your friends. Good ones anyways. Sometimes you can find a great pair of jeans but you don't like the style? You can easily take them from boot cut to skinny and probably still save $$ than if you had bought them at full price. Do be aware that not everything is easy to alter and some alterations cost more than other ones. Items to note: dresses with a tie or boning, jackets/blazers, and letting things out.
13. If you don't absolutely love it, can wear it with items you already own, and fits you well: DON"T BUY IT!
14. Don’t be afraid of color! If you are, see step 4 about adding it to your wardrobe.
15. Don't be afraid to wear something if you truly love it and feel great in it.

What fashion tips/rules do you follow?


Hayley Natasha said...

I absolutely LOVE you're blog. So entertaining!

Thanks for the fashion tips, I'll be sure to try them out! xo

Amanda said...

Very good rules/tips to follow!!

Meaghan said...

Okay I need more info on this bag, because I cannot believe it feel did it fall apart i need to know lol. I guess I will be looking for another one this weekend. :(

Jessica said...

You have ALWAYS had good style and beauty tips. My hair stylist taught me this one the other day; you can use scotch tape as a exfoliant, TOTALLY WORKS! Go try it, you will be shocked how much crap it grabs out of your face.