Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 years of California

As of today, I have lived in California for 10 years!!

How do I remember this date? Well, at the time is was the worst day of my whole life.

I had lived in Utah since Day 1 and had the same friends since pre-school and kindergarten. I was going to start high school that fall and was going to start dating, and driving, and all the fun stuff my friends and I had dreamed about since we were young. Then, one day after school, Mom told me my flight left in 2 hours and to pack my bags. I was devastated! Hello Mom, I'm on the cusp of being a teenager!!

I love California now though! I've made wonderful friends (I still keep in touch with a few of my friends from Utah), have a wonderful Boyfriend, and have grown really close to my Mother's side of the family.

Here is a list of Pros for each state:
1. Friends and Family
2. The Jazz
3. Grandma Sycamore Bread
4. Sconecutter
5. The Salt Lake Temple (it's absolutely breathtaking)
6. Snow
7. My Grandma's homemade cooking
8. Pioneer Day
9. Plays in St George
10. The Slang (ie: "sluffing" for ditching school)
11. The Mountains

1. Friends and Family
2. The Beach
3. Being able to buy liquor at the grocery store and beer being more than 3.2% alcohol
4. The open-mindness of the people
5. The diversity
6. In N Out
7. Mexican food
8. Most things are within an hour's drive
9. Shopping
10. The sports teams (even though I will NEVER be a Laker fan)

*lists are in no particular order :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's have some fun This beat is sic.....


Does she wear weird stuff? Yes.
Is her hair different nearly everyday? Yes.
Does her music make me want to dance? Yes.
Have you seen her wear pants? Rarely.

I think I'm in love with her! She's just so unique and different. She's like David Bowie and Cher had a baby together.

I saw this article on Fox News and I think her and I could be really close friends.

"I was on my way to a festival, I was on the street and he (a police officer) stopped me. He said ‘put your ass up against the fence’, there were kids around so I guess he wanted me to cover up my bum - quite a bit was showing," Gaga explained. "But it was quite an epic moment for me, I was up against the fence going ‘it’s fashion, I’m an artist!’

"But I’ve always been famous, it is just that nobody knew."

I think she's very inspiring; her music doesn't sound like anything else on the radio, she's not afraid to just wear whatever she wants, she makes no apologies for what she wears/who she is. I think she's redefining fashion and music. Plus her CD rocks.


What are you looking forward this summer?

At this time of year, I often question why I ever made the decision to become a big kid (oh yeah, because I graduated college and could not serve another plate of food to a customer before ripping of their head, not to mention health insurance and paid vacation days). Before my summers were spent laying by the pool listening to the best of Journey with a nice cold beer in my hand, going to Vegas nearly every weekend, and barbecuing in the backyard until the wee hours of morning.
Now I have only so many vacation days a year, so I must use them wisely.

Here's what I'm looking forward to this summer:

1. A bachelorette trip to Vegas with nearly all of my crazy girlfriends- hopefully I return with my liver, dignity, and some really great stories.

2. Several family BBQs- my aunt has a great party house w/pool tables, an amazing pool, backyard BBQ, a fire pit, and a trampoline. I love our family gatherings, I'm blessed with some really great relatives.

3. My sister's graduation- I get to see my family from Utah and finally go and visit her in Santa Barbara.

4. My BFF from grade school is coming to visit from Utah and bringing her husband and adorable children with her- Woohoo to beach trip and Disneyland!!

What about you darlings??

Packing Tips

This past weekend marked the start of summer!! Bust out your white bottoms, cut-off shorts, and sunscreen!
This also means that many of us will be vacationing and traveling all over. I went to Havasu over the weekend and had to re-vamp my packing style before I left.

Here are some helpful hints when packing:

1. Lay out everything you're taking with you, including accesories so you can visually plan what you need and see if one item can be used over and over again.

2. Pack all liquids in a plastic bag in case of spillage, Ziploc or one with a zipper works best (one time on a trip to Vegas, my vodka bottle spilled all over a white dress I had packed and left the "Albertsons" logo on it, luckily it came out and didn't stain). I also love these school bags i got from Target to keep jewelry, makeup, etc in.

3. If you tend to overpack like I do, roll your clothes. My dad, the Boy Scout, told me so. It helps save space and keeps clothes from wrinkling. Also, folding heavier items together sometimes works better (laying 2 pairs of jeans on top of each other and folding them in half together).

4. Shoes are the most difficult to pack because of their size or shape. Wrap them in plastic bags to keep your clothes from getting dirty and I use them sometimes as a divider between piles of clothes. *Stuff your socks in them also to save room in your bag.

5. Call your hotel to see what's available there; blowdryer, iron, ironing board, bathrobe, pool towels, fridge etc. This helps to cutt down on things you have to take with you.

6. Pack neutrals such as brown, black, tan, or white. Then pack accent pieces that go with the items. Pants should always be worn at least twice and dresses can always double as a swimsuit coverup later in the trip.

7. Write it down! Make detailed lists of everything you plan to bring. That way you can easily see if you've allotted six pairs of pants for a four-day trip. Be honest, note everything---including socks and underwear---and then stick to your list when packing. I do this for every trip, it helps to make sure you haven't forgot anything and I often email my list to others as a reference for them (no joke).

8. Wear your heaviest items so you don't have to pack them.

9. If traveling on a plane, pack an extra outfit in your carry-on such as an extra top or a swimsuit. That way, if your luggage is lost you can either lay by the pool or go to dinner until your suitcase is recovered.

10. On your suitcase, put your name and contact number on both inside and outside of your bag. My mom worked for the airlines for years and says this can be a lifesaver in finding and identifying lost luggage.

Any more tips? Have a fun summer! Travel safely and pack lightly!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gossip Girl Finale

I know I'm a few days late, but it was one of the best episodes of the season!
If you don't know already, I'm an avid fan and total Team Blair member. I've been waiting for C and B to get it together all season long!
I'm also excited for Georgina to be back as well! If only she and Blair could be friends, the trouble they could stir up!!
GG Graduation
Everyone graduated!
Lily & Rufus finally get engaged-with a wristband ring! So perfect!
Serena finds where her dad is
Jenny is made the new Queen B
Vanessa and Nate are going backpacking
Chuck and Blair finally get together and he tells her he loves her, over and over again. So cute!
Serena's sequin dress at Nate's party
Georgina requests to be Blair's roommate in college
Serena's too clingy blue dress at the beginning
Serena didn't wear a grad cap, but tied her class tassel to her hair. Really????
Jenny gets rid of headbands (which is funny, but I do enjoy seeing how they're always worked into their hair/wardrobe)
Georgina requests to be Blair's roommate in college
B GradSC & B

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you have a sister?

I do!! She's one of my best friends and I love her!


Here's why:

* Neither of us can sing to save our lives, yet we sing quite loud in the car. We even have "car appropriate" dance moves
* She's a great Beer Pong partner, she ALWAYS sinks the last cup
* She's awesome at all sports, even better than some boys I know
* She can't dance, and every time I tell her she looks good dancing she replies "I'm just copying your moves" Total self-esteem boost!
* She's a hippie
* She believes in going green and is always reminding people of ways to recycle or save Mother Earth
* Although she loves horror movies (which I will NEVER watch), she's afraid of ghosts
* Her style, she always looks great and wears things she likes regardless of the trend or opinion, which I admire
* She's a bad ass
* She's my sister (duh) and although she's my little sister, I look up to her. She has a kind heart, a great smile, knows how to have a good time, and like me, knows tons of useless facts.
* I love you Sister!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poor (Beauty) Decision

So for my quarter century bday I've been spray tanning all week at home and have been trying to defend myself against orange blotches and streaks.

I've sprayed in circles and rubbed in the spray all over my body while immediately rinsing my hands afterwards. There were a couple of times that I was a little more tan (orange) in some parts of my body, but I was able to scrub them away with a wash rag.

The big day comes and I want a nice shimmer glow so I mixed my Mac Bronzer Loose Powder with lotion in 50/50 amounts and rub it on my arms, legs, chest, and upper back.

I look awesome!!
Until I go outside in the always too truthful sun where my DIY bronzer is streaked EVERYWHERE!!! So embarrassing, luckily I was going to a dark bar where the drinks flow abundantly. However, be this a formal event, I would have high-tailed it back in side and added more lotion to blend.

Bloody Marys

There's no gray for this drink, you either love them or hate them.
I, for one, love them!
They are perfect for drinking in the AM, help with a hangover, poolside, with lunch, etc.
A few weekends ago, my girlfriends and I went to a Bloody Mary Bar! (imagine my excitement)
You get a mini-pitcher of vodka and ice and make your own. The bar including powdered seasonings such as onion and lemon pepper, the various Tabasco sauces, A1 steak sauce, Lea & Perrins, several bloody mixes, and my favorite part: the garnishes. They had stuffed olives with pimento, blue cheese, or garlic, salsa, green beans, celery, crumbled blue cheese, and lemons and limes.
Being a Bloody Mary aficionado, I made everyones drink…all day long.
It was a perfect brunch and I'll be frequenting the bar more mornings to come

The olives are the best part!

Fun Fast Facts

1. I'm originally from Utah.
Yes, it's all true. I love and miss it though!
2. I'm a retired man-eater.
I dated just about everyone, or at least kissed them. Then, I met someone who made me want to hang up my slutty shoes. You'll have to read my posts for the juicy gossip, both past and present.
3. I'm a sorority girl.
So much so that I even won my sorority's award for being Most Stereotypical. It was a proud day.
4. I love to eat.
Mexican especially, but I do not shy away from red meat, fresh fruit, anything deep-fried (which is one of the main reasons I enjoy the state fair as much as I do), or anything chewy and sugary.
5. My favorite color is yellow,

It just makes me happy.