Monday, February 28, 2011

My Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower Part 1- The Details!!

I just want to say first thing, THANK YOU to all of my bridesmaids, family, and friends. The shower was beautiful and will always be such a special memory for me. Everyone went above and beyond and their hard work really paid off. I received so many praises for their creativity and how well the event was. I'm aware of how awesome the people in my life are, but they never cease to amaze me. I'm really surprised that I didn't cry all day in joy. I felt so loved and it's so great to have so much support for this next journey in my life and of mine and the fiance's future marriage!!

The Details:

It all started with the invitation "Don't be late, don't be late for a very important date a bridal shower tea for the bride-to-be":

The weather was rainy all weekend long, but luckily the day of the shower was bright and sunny, but it was still a bit cool. The BMs had planned for my shower to be outside, but moved it indoors to the garage of my Aunt and Uncle's home (a different aunt/uncle from where the wedding will be held).

In the front of the garage,  there was a sign draped in cute beads, the centerpieces were flowers held in top hats and tea cups- some draped in pearls. Each table had different decor, some had pictures of the Fiance and I, tea pots, mushrooms, bunnies, and we had card suit bowls filled with goodies and all the tables had flowers and butterflies sprinkled on them.

The guests were asked to "Paint the roses red with words of wisdom for the Bride-to-be". I received so much good advice, I'll be sharing that wth you ladies in a different post.

My Grand Big Sis (remember how she asked her BMs in this post? Or her engagement party here?) is so talented and made the Rice Krispie cake and all of the cupcakes for the party. I saw the picture of the Rice Krispie cake back in July and immediately emailed her asking if she would be able to make one for me. The original picture can be found in this Wedding Cake Post. Seriously, she has some skills- check out our names!!

For food we had different salads- pasta, potato, fruit, regular salad. Different sandwiches- cucumber, egg salad, and smoke salmon rolls. Then we had some fun snacks- crescents, muffins, and the chow on the tables. The BMs made several different drinks, each sticking with the theme:  "White Rabbit Raspberry Lemonade" (alcoholic), "Cheshire Peach Tea" and "Alice's Apple Limeade". By all of the food and drinks were tags that said "Drink Me" and "Eat Me".

There's the details ladies! It was so much fun and so creative! Everyone worked so hard and it really worked out so well. I'm still getting comments about what a great shower and how creative and pretty it was. I was truly impressed! Everything was beautiful and everything tasted delicious!

The rest of the pictures are coming up this week! Sorry, but this entire week of posting will be heavy with Bridal Shower posts and pics. It was just too much to put into all one post.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Ali and Kris Dress (from this Recent Purchase, see it really is a kelly green color)
Steve Madden Intyce Boots
F21 Necklace-the gold one, the silver is for the Baby Name game
Michael Kors Watch

Here's what I wore to my bff's brother's baby shower. The shower was so beautiful, pics to come soon! Don't think that just because I rocked a dress it has been warm over here in CA, it is not. It rained last weekend and is expected to again this weekend. Boohoo, but you know that's not going to stop me from wearing what I want!

 So ladies, what are you wearing??

Hot Man Parade: Men and their Children

I know there's two of David Beckham, but I just couldn't help myself.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


F21 Striped sweater (see this OOTD)
JBrand Skinny Jeans
F21 Necklace
Old Navy Sandals (from yesterday's Recent Purchases)

My co-worker and male bff took this pic of me today, but only on the condition that I don't do the dreaded "sorority" pose because he's bored of it. LOL. So here is his idea of a "rockstar" pose instead, no clue what I'm doing. I think it started as strumming a guitar, but turned into....

I'm so happy with these sandals! They totally rock and are super comfortable. Plus, they really come together when paired with the necklace. I likey! Oh, but don't be fooled that CA has great weather right now just because I'm wearing sandals. It's freezing and it's supposed to start raining tomorrow for the whole weekend. I just looked out the window today and said "F U weather, I'm wearing what I want." I really hope she's not bitter and doesn't bad-karma me.

Wedding Post: Guest Sign-Ins

With the high of being married, the glasses of celebratory champagne, and dancng away the night to your favorite songs, how will you remember every guest who came? Duh, with a guest book!

Out is the 80s plain white guest book and in with the new creative sign-ins that you can keep forever! Weddings have really come so far, honestly they have. Now newlyweds can have the guestbooks be something they can keep forever, on their coffee table, hanging on their walls, or as a decor on a shelf.

Here's some of the things I've seen before and found on the web. Per usual, what I'm doing isn't included- you'll have to wait and see! The Fiance and I just have to find the right items. Granted, some of these ideas are similar to the Conversation Starters Post a few weeks back, but I still wanted to include them. Don't forget, little things like colored pens can make a huge difference with your guest book and can color-coordinate with your theme.

The Wedding Tree is one of my favorites! It would look so cute hanging in your home to!

Another one of my favorites, a guest book filled with pictures of the couple.
Another way to get more use out of your engagement photos!
Image via Paige and Blake Green Photography

This couple had people sign seashells! How creative and totally kept up with their beach wedding.
Guest book quilt- people can sign pieces of paper with their names, a drawing, or advice to later be sewn together into a blanket.
I like the idea of having the blanket made first and having people then sign it. That way, you know it will be put together because it already is!

Give a Wish, Take a Wish- Another one of my favorites!
Literally, a wedding guest tree!

Platter to keep in your kitchen

Guest book frame- this one isn't a new idea, but definitely a favorite!

Old-fashioned Typwriter- I'm seeing this everywhere on wedding blogs

Guest Calendar- Creative and useful! Me likey!

When thinking about your guest book, you may not care and just want something simple, but this is also an opportunity to be creative and have a book that fits your theme or to have for later as a keepsake.

One thing you may want to think about, is people's signatures or notes. Some people who have too much to drink or soberly just has poor ettiquette may write their name gigantically or write "funny" wedding advice that you may not want to display. I know this has been kind of an issue for brides I know, so it's definitely something you may want to keep in mind when choosing a keepsake as a guest book.

What ideas have you seen? Any great ideas you want to share? Any advice?