Thursday, March 27, 2014

House to Home: Playroom

Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback on my post about our big purchase! It's such a thrilling time in our lives right now, we are looking forward to having a place that's our own. I still can't believe our dreams are coming true!

I loved all of your comments on my living room post (check it out here!) I've decided to create House to Home as a regular series as I look through inspiration. It will be all about decor and style, a different set of posts than what we are doing in the house to make it our own.

We were looking for a place that is child friendly and our home has a great loft we'll be making into a playroom for Ellie to call her own and can bring some organization to all the toy chaos. I'd love to create a place that's calming, but has pops of colors like pink, aqua, and lime. We'll have the couch we use now in the room, which is also a sofa bed which will be great for guests to stay on. We will eventually add a TV, but not anytime soon. I also want to put in a great play tent for her like the adorable teepees that are all the rage right now. I would totally be living through my child with a teepee. Having a small nook of your own is so awesome as a child and I remember building forts all the time with my mom growing up. A chalkboard accent would be cute too, but I don't want to paint an entire wall with chalk. Thankfully, I have a TON of chalkboards from our wedding so I'll just nail a large one on its side for Ellie to use. You know, because she can totally write her name already. Ha ha ha. Just thinking in both the long term and short term use for a playroom.

Here is some of the inspiration I've found on Pinterest, there's something great in each picture.
 photo a9a2e5f423c6f8840f50dd9e2be82db8_zps1741c8af.jpg photo a0808d67952306d6a665079b83d5eeed1_zps51a3b7c5.jpg photo cae258786076121616226ab66d9ecd41_zps5f7edcf2.jpg photo 178918fc3171333c7714c547c16ffd81_zpsa67f414c.jpg photo 544b1f78b7bb74dda60fa5e206ee5467_zps110ec38e.jpg  photo 631f0caad07a0b00f348eb10abdf213b1_zpsc8df6621.jpg photo 6e1160f7e9dc5fcc3d1b1dbd9f0e2b7c_zpsd38ff146.jpg  photo a83f2a11d9ece577e53401124e376aeb_zps1d00cca2.jpg photo 85a85f7d2bf5d923ae05494459b02fb1_zps415907d1.jpg  photo b0b30f0aba475bf353a7b6236740f30b1_zps2c69ad21.jpg photo 3f1fb194693ec19cd6cffbdf8121e1b2_zpsb8c7ad5b.jpg photo c1dc7f011184fef348ba872c138e5cf6_zpse9860035.jpg photo 440d4f050825e01116ff564d46a00163_zpsb3e5f410.jpg
Please tell me your thoughts! What makes for a great play area? Does chalk on a wall just create a big mess on the floor to clean up from the dust? What aspects of a room do your children enjoy most?
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