Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Weekend We...

bought a house! I can't believe our dream has come true. After looking for what seemed like forever and taking almost a year break from looking, we found, bid, and closed escrow on a house in less than a month. We are beyond excited and I look forward to raising our family in a place of our own. The whole process was really easy and not stressful, but the moving part is going to be tricky. We have some time before we need to be out of our apartment, but I'm out of town for almost a week and we have plans in the following weekends that we can't cancel or change. We've already bought our big kid items like appliances and a couch and have started to pack up the house. There's a few little things that we need to get together, but I'm hoping we can make a smooth transition.

Here are some pictures of the downstairs of the house. I'll definitely be doing lots of posts on home decor and inspiration. Luckily, the house is a flip home so we don't have to do anything before we move in. There are some small changes we are doing before we move, but only because we want to do some things to our taste.
 photo B5B7C263-BB3A-4019-9CDE-7884D2E2D195_zpsyxfqv4c0.jpg  photo B3D3F3B8-4675-4706-9C12-CE3480A3EA4E_zpsmdj9vjvd.jpg  photo 03F31C43-CD2E-4C1A-8779-BC004EF6B991_zpsupgywghl.jpg  photo 2D752CDB-DCCC-4404-937F-C1448695F08B_zpsjobwokzp.jpg Here are all our docs signed and dated!  photo C91A06D3-36E8-487D-9C06-5B223CB86DFF_zpsnp26lrhz.jpg

We picked out a couple of shades of paint for some of the rooms and it was mind numbing. After a while, they all seriously seemed to blend in together. Grays looked purple, blue, and green. Blues looked gray and chalky. Somehow we settled on two and I can't wait to see how they look in the room after some test spots.  photo 79EFB9F2-A859-491B-92AD-026995A1035C_zpsql6yogrv.jpg

Any advice for home decor and design? Where are your favorite places to shop? What cleaning supplies are must haves for wood floors and carpet? Share your secrets please!
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