Wednesday, March 5, 2014

House to Home: Living Room

Matt and I are back shopping for a home. We looked for almost a year without any luck and once we found out we were expecting, we looked harder, but after a few months we decided to move into an apartment and hold off on buying a home as we adjusted to having a new baby. Now that we've settled into our family life it's time to get a move on.

I'm so excited to find a home to raise Ellie and her future siblings in, it won't be our forever home (by a long shot), but our first real home. Every place we look at I try and picture how I want to decorate it to make it feel welcoming and cozy. A place that we love to spend time at and people love to come and visit us. Of course, it's not just how it's decorated that makes it a home, but the love we fill it with, but shopping to furnish a house can be a lot of fun.

And yes, you read that right. We need to furnish an entire home. Anytime Matt and I have lived on our own (we didn't live with each other until after we were married), we were living with roommates who already had furniture so neither of us have ever had to make any big kid purchases like that. Since buying a home is such a large purchase, there's no way we will be able to just buy all new furniture to fill every room, so we are going to focus on the rooms that matter the most, such as the living room!

I've been trolling Pinterest (follow me here!) and found tons of inspiration for our dream home.  Pinterest can seriously suck you in for hours. It's awesome and a total time suck at the same time. What I've been drawn to most is soft colors with pops of white. I love how a neutral palette provides the opportunity for a pop of color, and how easy neutrals are to transition into seasons with a swap of pillow covers and throws. I also realize, that having a lot of light colors is ridiculous with a growing brood (I am in no way preggers right now, but want to eventually have more children) that will inevitably color on it and wedge Lord knows what kind of food into the fabric. Here are some of my favorite pins.

 photo cdc14dbdd7fb5344568d5cdeda810fea_zps2fb54723.jpg photo e65cf7526ebd7a33c74109792d9ab82c_zpsa4a66380.jpg photo c666524dd08dc5bcd5e3e586806b201d_zpsb121feee.jpg photo 975fa79f29b23d6e4d21ca5e7797a691_zps207385c3.jpg photo c23b6cfbf98e462f69db097087b0f5ea_zpsfb4e1ff3.jpg photo 858fcf7a0cfab47ce4874dc41fec9604_zps054bc76a.jpg photo 89637ac46c55b766db13489dc6562495_zps735e9ab4.jpg photo 0b6e6084c4c3644c9f8c2678c404f7b9_zpscecaa521.jpg photo 60d75d4123960531659462eeeff211e9_zpsff19c7c9.jpg

After looking at my pins, I'm really leaning towards a color palette of greys, blues, silver, and ivory. I like that the blue can be swapped out easily for mint, peach, pink, purple, aqua, and yellow and create a new feel and breathe new life into the room.

What are your favorite places to shop for furniture? We need basically everything and I'm up for any and all suggestions! What pieces are important to you in decorating? Any advice on furniture buying?
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