Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Must Haves: 4 Months

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Each month is more fun the previous one, and this one has been the best (which I’m sure next month will be even better)! Ellie has so much personality and it’s really showing each day. Every day she is growing and learning so much. I love playing with her, seeing her reactions as we interact, and watching her learn and explore. Having a child is the most amazing experience. Before Ellie was born, I had posted once that one of the things I look forward to as a parent is seeing the world through her eyes for the first time. I can’t wait for the future years with believing in Santa, magic, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. I’ve been dying to decorate for Christmas, but I’m refraining until after Halloween. I’m not kidding- we might have our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving!

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Isn't it crazy how much a baby can change in just four weeks? I'm going to have to get a larger blanket for the pictures, she barely fits on the ones I have now! I'll definitely have to get larger white onesies...

This month we didn’t have that many new things that we’re not still using from last month or the month before like her O’Ball, playmat, or swing. I’m assuming that some months we’ll only have a few items different than the month previously and my wallet and I are both thankful for that. So here are the newbies or items we’ve used before, but weren’t dubbed a “must-have” since they may not have gotten as much use as before.
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Little Giraffe Lovie Blanket
At my shower, I was gifted several of these little “lovie” blankets and to be honest I didn’t get it. What is a mini blanket for a baby for? They were cute and I thought they would be great for her dolls when she gets older, but now I totally get it. Babies love the textures of the blanket- silky on one side, soft and fluffy on the other. Many babies find comfort in them, touching them with their hands or rubbing the fabric against their cheeks. Ellie really likes her in the morning on the way to daycare or while we’re on a walk. She always gives a big grin when I give it to her and immediately starts rubbing her hands on the materials and bringing them up to her mouth.

Sophie the Giraffe
All my mommy friends and bloggers all said that Sophie was a must-have and they were right! It’s my husband’s favorite toy of hers too and we bought a little book that goes about Sophie’s busy day. She’s all natural (made with natural rubber, food paint, and is BPA free), offers several occupational features such as the texture, scent, and sound and is great for their chubby hands and teething gums. Ellie absolutely loves her Sophie and we use it daily with her while she plays.

Fisher Price Diamond Ring Rattle
Elli has become so alert and curious! I love playing with different toys as she learns about cause and effect with sounds (Sophie teaches that too since she squeeks). This rattle is one of our favorites because of the bright colors and soft yet sturdy handle. Another favorite rattle is her O’Ball, which is a total must-have for every child and was included in a previous must-have post.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys
I love teethers that have the soft gel feature, they don’t get too cold for their gums and the bright colors this set offers is a lot of fun. We use the Bright Starts Lots of Links to hang them from her bouncer and she loves playing with them, gumming them, and feeling the different textures with her fingers.

Board Books: First 100 Words, Goodnight Moon, and Sophie’s Busy Day
Ellie is fascinated by books. We read to her every day, sometimes both the morning and night and not just after work. She loves books with bright colors and touches all the pages and tries to grab the images of the book. I love reading to her, it’s one of my favorite parts of our day. Sometimes she “holds” the book and tries to turn the page and my heart just dies. I know she doesn’t have the motor skills to do either, but I love when her hands happen to go that way on the edges.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer
We’ve used this since day one, but in the last month or so it’s getting some good use. I love to hold/wear Ellie as often as I can, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. Plus, I like for her to be able to explore and move around on her own. When I’m folding laundry, cooking, or cleaning, Ellie loves to sit in her bouncer and watch me move around. Then I just talk to her about our days, sing and dance, or just explain what I’m doing to her. She can last for so long without getting fussy and bored. We also use the Bright Starts Lots of Links to attach some toys from the top to entertain her as well. I love this bouncer, especially since it keeps her at a nice incline, it’s fun to face her and play together.

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