Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OOTD: Monochromatic and Lace

 photo e1abe39c289911e381cb22000a1f9a0a_8_zpsdaba5d3d.jpg

Remember this IG OOTD? Well, I finally had a chance to wear it again and snap some pics. This past weekend we went to my alma mater's pumpkin patch with Ellie and our family and had the best time. This outfit was perfect to wear to keep cool and be comfortable. I wore the light cardigan to keep the sun off my arms, but it turned out to be too hot so I ended up taking it off midday.

 photo B027E552-95DA-4AE6-92F6-D9E8612828A9-8065-000006C3B3961178_zps4dd6e1a7.jpg photo 2F584216-61DB-4F7D-ADEB-C97222D03EF3-8065-000006C3B8D7C786_zpsbcc52cfd.jpg photo FCCD6A87-F867-4ABA-B0B6-5D03EEAB7310-8065-000006C38B8084F0_zps55b398cd.jpg photo BF9C3D3C-71F9-4BE7-B790-00C36252B197-8065-000006C384C2BBE1_zps0a32a25e.jpg
Kiki La'Rue Easy Come, Easy Go Cardigan in Oatmeal
Forever 21 Blouse (old)
Kiki La'Rue Country Girl Shorts in Cream
"E" Necklace from Very Jane via Tom Design
Monogram Necklace from Etsy shop MonoArtian

We had such a fun time at the festival, but it was so packed! We've gone before, but it wasn't as crowded in years prior. There were a lot more vendors there this year and we actually didn't pick up pumpkins because it was too hot and we were ready to leave by the time we had checked out all the shops and food trucks. We'll just get some pumpkins later this month to carve for the holiday.

Do you visit a pumpkin festival? Are you good at carving? It's so hard, maybe I'll just glitter and paint mine this year.
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