Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Must-Haves: 1 Month

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One month flew right by! I can't believe that we're almost at 7 weeks already! I did a post for must-haves for the first week home here and thought it would be good to do it monthly (as well as show off some pics of Ellie! I'm taking pics of her with the bunny each month to show as a comparison in her growth). Here are some items I found to be so useful this past month and items I had to run and by a double of because we use them so much. Sometimes it's so nice and convenient to have doubles so you can wash one while using the 2nd. It makes life so much easier! I'm happy we only have one floor otherwise I'd buy more doubles to keep from going up and down stairs so much.

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2 packs of Changing Table Liners: I love these because they have a plastic backing to they don't leak through to the changing table cover. I thought one 3 pack would be enough, but after some blow outs, I was running through the wash with them really quickly so I bought a second pack.

A 2nd Changing Pad Cover: I like having two so one can be in the wash while the other is on our pad. I have a solid lilac one and a pink/white polka dot one.

A 2nd Nursing Cover: I love having two covers! I keep one in my diaper bag for outings, and one at home for when we have visitors. It's so nice to not have to pack and unpack it from our diaper bag now.

 A 2nd Boppy Cover: We use our Boppy everyday all the time and bring it with us almost everywhere we go. With so much use, our covers gets dirty somewhat quickly, and just like the changing pad cover, I like being able to have it covered all the time while one cover is in the wash.

Bright Starts Chime for the car seat: Ellie is  beginning to interact and see more now and loves her butterfly chime on her car seat. The sound I think is soothing and fun for her while the bright colors catch her eyes.

Traveling Sound Machine: We keep this giraffe strapped to her car seat 24/7 and Ellie absolutely loves it! It helps block outside sounds when we're out and about keeping her asleep or just content. We use this every single day, it's awesome!

The First Years Sound Machine: When Eleanor is really upset and fussy, I turn this on and rock her in our rocking chair and it calms her down every time. It's the only time we really use this sound machine, but we may use it more once we move her to her crib.

Rock 'N Play Sleeper: Ellie sleeps in this every night in our room and we take it with us to Nana & Papa's too for naps. It's inclined for her head, folds up nice, and is light weight.

Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser: One of my girlfriends gave this to me at my shower and said it was a life saver and she wasn't kidding! The bags are scented, eliminates odor, and are super convenient when you're out and have a dirty diaper that needs to be thrown out or soiled clothes that need to be washed when you're back home. I've had 5 dirty diapers in a bag and you couldn't smell a thing and nothing leaked. These are amazing!

A black and white Nursing Tank: These tanks are so easy to wear and provide good breast support. I wear these tanks under my regular shirt all the time. When I have to nurse outside of my home it's nice having my body still covered by these tanks even though my outside shirt is lifted up.

What are your baby must-haves? What did you find that your baby enjoyed or made life easier for you? Do you have any of these items, how did they work for you?

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