Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recent Purcases + Obsessions

Since having Ellie, I haven't really been shopping that much. A few things here and there, but no big purchases really. One thing all you preggers need to be aware of is how easy it is to shop online using your phone for those middle of the night feedings. Sometimes after you nurse you're kind of awake (who am I kidding, sometimes I shop to stay awake during these sessions) so you check stores and shops out and next thing you know you get jewelry and clothes you barely remember ordering in your mailbox. Let's just hope they're all winners right? It's so much easier to shop online then toting your baby in your stroller around and in fitting rooms. Trust me. Then some sites keep all your info on hand making it even easier to buy because you just need to "add to cart" and you're done! There no second guessing your choices while you dig around for your card info. It's a heaven sent and the devil at the same time. So here's some of my recent buys and some extras I wanted to share with everyone.

 photo RecentPurchasesBlend_zpsdbb64372.jpg

J.Crew Inspired Crystal Brulee Necklace from Simple Addiction
Designer Inspired Mint Crystal Bee Necklace from Very Jane, the seller was Fancy Frills Boutique
J.Crew Inspired Crystal Vine Statement Necklace from Very Jane, the seller was Apple of My Eye Jewelry
Distressed Denim Cut Offs from Forever 21
Special Number Bracelet from GroopDealz, the seller was Erica B Studios 
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Kiss Me Coral
Floral Print Leggings from Very Jane, the seller was White Plum Boutique 

I've obviously been on a jewelry kick lately. It's an easy way to dress up the clothes I already have and I don't have to worry about how they fit me. I've lost all the weight I gained from being pregnant, but everything fits so different now. Jewelry fits just fine though! For the number bracelets, I bought Ellie's birth date- I thought these were so cute! I can't wait to get all of the jewelry pieces in. 

 photo d39d7fe8dd0011e2957422000a1f8ac8_7_zps09962e42.jpg

Here's a close up of the shorts, I love the little stud details it has. I didn't even realize they had the studs right away! I love fun surprises and details like that.

These Aldo shoes are my favorite sandals. They are so comfortable, I can wear them all day long and they go with everything. My sweet cousin and his girlfriend got them for me when I was home from the hospital. They figured I had everything I needed for Eleanor, but deserved a little something special for myself. Isn't that so sweet? I have the best family.

After raving about the Revlon Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss (review here), I had to get another color. It's the best lipgloss EVER. Hands down. It's so soft and creamy, I want every shade. Instead of buying 3 or 5 of them, I  just wanted one and was torn between the Super Natural, Kiss Me Coral, and Pango Peach. I chose the Kiss Me Coral because it has a matching lipstick I already own of the same name- Kiss Me Coral (review here) which is one of my favorite colors- especially for summer!

 photo e7fb00e8ecbc11e2b89c22000ae912df_7_zpsb057369e.jpg
Clothes wise I haven't bought Ellie anything in a while. She's fitting into her 3 month clothes pretty well. She's so long some of our 0-3 month footless pjs are shorts on her (some of her leggings too)! Plus, we are over flowing with summer clothes so if I do buy anything for her I get it in a size she can wear next summer. When I saw these shorts at Target, I couldn't pass them up! How cute are they?

Also, I pay so much more attention to articles that are easy for diaper changing. I bought the prettiest pj set from Nordstrom the day before our scheduled c/s and couldn't wait for Ellie to wear them, but they are a nightmare for diaper changes. You pretty much have to take it almost completely off, which is a hassle in itself because of the snap placements, and I'm not doing that at 2am. So she's worn those pjs for maybe 2 hours and that's all. I'll probably dress her in them once more just to snap a pic so they're not a complete waste.

 photo da3f61aeeb0b11e28b3722000a1f99d9_7_zps2971a784.jpg

Finally, my latest obsessions. These Lipton Tea & Honeys are delicious! I love all of these three flavors and honestly can't choose a favorite. Right now I'm loving the Dragonfruit Peach, but last week I was all about the Coconut Passionfruit. They do have caffeine- 10 mg, but that's less than a third of most sodas I figured it's no big deal. I'm very affected by caffeine because I never eat/drink it (besides chocolate) and a can of Coke can give me the shakes and raise my anxiety levels if had on an empty stomach, so I just steer clear of it altogether mostly. These teas don't affect me at all though, so I'm happy to drink them. I've never been a big water drinker, but these help gulp down an extra bottle everyday. 

 photo f2b9892eecfc11e293e222000a1fc7f0_7_zpsb8ccc299.jpg

Have you tried these Talenti Gelatos? OHMYHEAVENS. It's the pure joyfulness of running through sprinklers on a hot day as a child in a jar. It's so soft, it has chocolate caramel truffles, and it's delicious. My husband and I had to bought two- his and hers- on our last Target trip and want to get more. It's the best ice cream (well gelato if you want to get technical) I've ever had in my life. Run out and buy some people!

What have you been loving lately? What have you bought this summer?


Rachel Steck said...

I love the special number bracelets, I will have to go look at those for sure. I had the gelato in my cart last grocery trip...then put it back in the freezer section. Sigh. Like I need another thing to be hooked on. Ha! I keep hearing how heavenly it is so I'm sure I'll break down and buy some soon.


According to Jax said...

I havent bought anything on Very Jane yet...but I look every day!! Maybe one day I'll pull the trigger! :)

Wendy said...

Loved this update since I haven't had much time to shop lately. The Aldo sandals are a staple for sure!


Anonymous said...

I've also been on a jewelry kick lately (for obvious reasons) and can't get enough. It always fits which makes me happy. So awesome that you lost all the weight from the pregnancy already, would love if you can share with us what you did.



Tessa DAngelo said...

Can we please talk about how I love all the things you mentioned here! Especially those jean shorts. Do you know how hard it is to not be a 19 year old girl with great legs looking for shorts that are longer than underwear lately!!! Everywhere has shorts that the inseam is like 2" at MOST its so crazy?!?! Like hello ... I see your whoohaa!

Ella Pretty Blog said...

You got a lot of great pieces - I'm obsessed with the necklaces you picked out!

life as Mrs. said...

oh goodness i love very jane and groopdealz.. i have a problem with shopping also during feedings.. my addiction is buying all the cute/cheap headbands! And yes it's so dangerous since they already have my info! I may just have to copy your number bracelet idea! that's such a cute idea!

Mehreen said...

Lol I do the same late night shopping while nursing ! How did you loose all the weight already ?! Please share !

Schnelle said...

I'm so obsessed with very jane, groop dealz, and our world boutique too!