Monday, July 15, 2013

Product Review: NYX Eyeshadow Palette

Since the first time I used NYX products, I fell in love. They're such great quality and really affordable. They also have such a range of products from lip liners, primers, foundation, gloss, and shadow and within each product line they have a variety of colors and shades. Their Matte Body Bronzer is my favorite and I'm on my 3rd one. A while ago on an Ulta trip, I picked up their Love in Rio Palette in Bikini Bottoms. I had heard about the Love in Rio Palettes from Maskcara- have you checked out her site? She's amazing, absolutely amazing- and I put it on my IPhone notes and checked them out on my trip. There's 22 sets available, and I chose the Bikini Bottom because of the natural colors and thought it would be a good every day set.

 photo 201_1__zps7cdc87f2.jpg
NYX Eyeshadow Palette Bikini Bottoms

The colors really stood out to me, the light color is perfect as a highlighter and reminds me of MAC's Phloof, the middle shade would be good alone and combined, and the right shade is perfect for adding more definition in the crease or used along the lash line. 

So I busted this out for work (this was obviously a while ago that I started using it) and have pretty much used it almost every single day since. I even bought a replacement for it when out shopping with my family while my Dad and Grandpa were in town- that's how much I've used it. How many products do you use so often that you have to replace it in a 6 month time frame? Only your every day ones. Now let's get to the low down on my review.

 photo 2471_zpsfc1e9374.jpg
- Blends easily
- Shades are natural
- Perfect for day or night use
- Lasts all day with Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Soft, silky texture

- The shadows are very powdery and you'll find the shadows all over the container
- Due to the texture, there's fall out when applying so I do this first before my foundation and powder
- Without using them with primer, the shadow will last you through work, but not work and happy hour

Obviously I really like these shadows or I wouldn't have bought a replacement when my first one ran out. They're so easy to use and look great with everything. Plus, it's nice to have them in a small palette and not three loose individual shadows or a large palette. So far I've liked every NYX product I've tried which is nice. I hate trying a new product and being unhappy with it.

Do you use NYX products? What are your favorites? Do you wear eyeshadow daily? What are your favorite colors?


Rachel Steck said...

I love NYX products! I use their face primer daily and also have 2 sets of eyeshadows that contain bolder, not everyday colors. Their blotting papers are nice too.
Most days I wear the Urban Decay Naked Pallette; I also have the #2 and the Naked Basic pallette. Used with the primer potion they are fabulous!
Thanks again for helping me w/the Revlon lip gloss, I'm wearing it right now :)


selah said...

They look very shimmery - is that truly the case? How do they compare to the shimmery-ness (haha I like to make up words) of the UD Naked shades? I'm looking for a cheaper version for travel! Thanks!

Ally Valdez said...

I love NYX products! I might need to check out my ulta today for this eye shadow palette!

I've been reading your blog for a while now. Your daughter is beautiful! I read about her baby blessing--those are my favorite Sundays at church! Congrats!


Miranda said...

NYX gets me every time I go to ulta like its a brand new section! haha I always find something fun. I haven't tried a whole lot of their shadows but this looks gorgeous and like something I would wear over and over!

Lindsay said...

I <3 NYX! I have 2 of their Love in Paris palettes, and adore. I also have the matte body bronzer (love!) and their dewy setting spray. Everything I've tried, I've really liked. And the price is right!

Crumbs and Curls said...

I have their Green Tea Blotting Sheets, they're great & I would definitely recommend trying them!