Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lovely Lavender OOTD

So, I didn't end up cutting my hair into a lob. I really love the cut, but chickened out. I talked to my hair dresser and since we would be going really blonde (we've been slowly changing my hair from ombre back to my wedding day hair) it would be a big change and maybe soothe the urge I had for something drastic. She made a good point that if I still wanted the cut in a week or two I could just come back. She's genius. I love her. So I'm back to full-on blonde and I love it! I'm still getting used to seeing myself with such light hair since it's been so long since it's been this light. A year now I think!

 photo AC9A7E93-5A76-4E33-A948-333AA5C562B3-6872-000002F26BFA1AF6_zpsb6e5d1c8.jpg photo 77FF44DD-16E0-4707-B204-23F04BC22233-6872-000002F262042D0F_zpsd3881c28.jpg photo 95E50DB5-BD2A-4948-8607-C094DB460123-6872-000002F2566FA71C_zpsbbc71399.jpg photo 2DEC98AC-3BF0-41E5-9E65-B4C7ECA19A87-6872-000002F2474ADF70_zps66b4f265.jpg
Crystal Bee Necklace from Very Jane, the seller was Fancy Frills Boutique
Distressed Denim Cut Offs from Forever 21

Since Ellie has been born I try to still get ready and dress cute in the few times I've gone out. I know that I'm mostly home all day, but having a bit of mascara or my hair done makes me feel better. I think it's important to still do what makes you feel good after having children and not lose that part of yourself. It's not always easy; timing your showers with their naps, deciding on whether you should blow dry your hair or eat something while it's still warm, not painting your nails because you know the minute you do they'll need to be picked up. I'm still learning to balance everything, but having a cute top and new hair make me feel great!

From my recent purchases,  I got this gorgeous necklace and I couldn't wait to wear it with my lavender Piko top. This top is one of my favorites, the fabric is so soft and I love that it's long and loose. It's perfect to wear when you want to be comfortable and cute. The necklace just really popped I thought against the color. I wish I had snagged a better/closer up shot of the two together. I guess I'll just have to wear the combo again and again!

What are your secrets mommies to feeling good and looking good?


Rachel Steck said...

You look beautiful!
I feel the same way about at least putting on some mascara even if I'm not leaving the house!


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great and I love the lavernder top, looks so comfy! I bet it's hard to balance everything with such a little one, I'll need to learn your tips/tricks before my little guy gets here.


Pamela said...

You look great! So impressed that you just had a wee babe! Ugh, I'm currently trying to deal with looking/feeling cute while preggo. I work from home so most days, I just sit in sweats and a loose tank. So not hot (or good for my self-esteem, lol).

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

You look so incredible! LOVE the lavender on you. And going blonde was a great decision!

Cayla said...

Loving your hair lady!! I'm slowly making my way back that way too. And the top is great. I plan to invest in a few for teaching next year!

Meg O. said...

I LOVE it!!!! I'm going lighter as we speak, but still a subtle ombré so I can go longer in between colorings. I am probably going to do the same length for my cut! I may just show her the pics in this post. Oh and love the outfit. Xoxo

Carolyn said...

Such a cute outfit! :) And I love the hair too!!